Halloween Action Game: Vampire Hunter

Defend the house against the vampires coming in through the window!  Use your crossbow and silver-tipped arrows to destroy the undead vermin before they can hypnotize you with their mind control powers.

Hints: Shoot the bats and flying mist for points.  For more points, wait for the bats and mist to turn into the vampire.  Then shoot him in the chest.  But you only have a second to get him before he stuns you with his mind control.

Reload your crossbow by pressing the spacebar.

Now go kill some vampires!

Hallow’s Eve and the Pumpkin Dream: A Short Film by Adam Sager

Film compositor Adam Sager made this beautiful short film for Halloween with his family. He’s created a perfect old dream film that celebrates the holiday by being mysterious, spooky and gorgeous.  This guy has got some amazing work under his belt, including work credited as paint & roto artist on the feature film ‘Coraline.’