Horror Short: Helping Hand

Adult Content – Not For Children Under 13

This is a graphic horror film.  It’s not intended for young children.  If you are under 13, do not watch this before discussing it with your parents!  Seriously.  Also, you should probably not watch it if you are at risk from sudden fear, anxiety or shock.

A woman answers the phone late at night and does not recognize the voice on the other end.

This is my own contribution to the specific horror genre exemplified by the series of Saw movies.  It also has some of the qualities of the moral warning fairy tales in which awful things happen to innocents because of relatively minor errors in judgment.

It’s really fun to make a hardcore scary little movie for Halloween!  I’ve wanted to make a horror film for quite a while and just never had the perfect opportunity.  It’s a very simple film but it can really give some people a bad scare.
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Night Zero: Online Zombie Photo Comic Book (not for very young readers)

Night Zero is a photo comic book aimed at older readers.  It’s set in the months following a deadly viral outbreak.  It follows the lives of survivors in Seattle, Washington who barricade themselves against the terrors of the outside world and try to build a future for themselves.  The novel is riveting and beautifully designed.



The collaborative team of artists shoots the photos on location with a full cast and crew, then uses high dynamic range photography and a process called tonemapping to give the comic a style that is both photography and illustration.  The effect really catches the eye and draws the reader in immediately.  I found myself turning pages quickly and not wanting the story to end.  It’s a very violent, gory zombie story that is not for the very young or the very squeamish.  That’s what a good zombie story should be.  The two lead characters are vivid and exciting.  The actresses who play them are doing a wonderful job and I will continue to follow the adventures of these two in their zombie world!

This thing is just fantastic.  You can get all the episodes here.