Dreams Ripple ~ Here Now – Japanese Animation by Akinori Okada

What the heck is this? I have no idea. But I like it. It looks like nothing I’ve seen so far. Seems to have something to do with a magic box of dreams maybe. Dream characters dance about and frolic with strange projections and shadows.  There’s an element of old Japanese folktales with tiny toys or figures coming to life at night.  Very strange.

The film was made by Akinori Okada in 2009.

An Awesome Book

dallas_clayton_an_awesome_world_Dallas Clayton is an author who has written and illustrated An Awesome Book.  It’s about making sure your dreams are enormous.  Petty little dreams are so out.  Big huge ones with rockets on their backs are ultra-in.

I like the looks of this book and I really like big dreams whenever they come around.  I like the way the author draws too.

You can purchase Mr. Clayton’s book here.

But you can also read the whole entire thing for free right here.

I think you should read it online and then buy one or two to give away.