NASA Discovers Entirely New Life Form

NASA is preparing to announce today that it has discovered an entirely new form of life that is built on a different basis from any life form every known.

In other words, life does not have to be made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur.  The new life form discovered by the space agency is built upon arsenic.

Essentially, NASA has discovered an alien life form.

This changes the entire basis of the search for life on other planets.  It changes the whole story.  Life can apparently build itself out of things we thought made life impossible.

There’s a 2:00 pm EST news conference scheduled at NASA to formally announce the world-changing discovery.

Here’s NASA’s announcement of the finding.

This is NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe Simon who leads the team that made this discovery.

Artificial Life Created for the First Time

Scientists announced today that they have created the first artificial life form in human history.

The J. Craig Venter Institute has informed the White House of the incredible achievement and the possible environmental and military repercussions are already being debated.

Researchers used computers to create an artificial sequence of DNA.  Then they inserted that DNA into hollowed-out cells which began to grow and replicate.

That’s a new form of life created by human beings.  This may be a far more important development than going to the moon.