Dreams That Money Can Buy – 1947 Underground Feature Film by Hans Richter

Inspired by a Hans Richter film posted by Dangerous Minds, I went looking for more. I found this extraordinary gem, Dreams that Money Can Buy, which is a low-budget feature film produced and directed by Richter with some of his incredible friends in 1947. They shot the film in a New York loft. It’s essentially an underground experimental film about a guy who gets an apartment and worries about how to pay the rent. When he discovers that he has the power to see into his mind through the reflection of his eye, he seizes upon an idea to create a business selling dreams to people who are unhappy with their lives.  So of course the film features seven surrealist dream sequences!

Brilliant! Some of the people involved with this fantastic film were Max Ernst, Paul Bowles, Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder, John Cage, Fernand Leger, and Man Ray.

You can watch the film in its 8 YouTube parts right here or you can go download it from Archive.org.

Part 2

Parts 3 – 8 after the jump!

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Ghosts Before Breakfast – Surrealist Short by Hans Richter

Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds posted about this 1927 film by Hans Richter. Considered one of the first examples of surrealist film, it’s a daydream that uses stop-motion animation to make people and objects do totally irrational and impossible things. Richter was a part of the Dada movement in art which rebelled against ordinary life and assumptions, attempting to expose the meaninglessness behind modern life. Out of Dada came the Surrealist movement.  The music for this version is from a new score by Nikolai von Sallwitz.

Thank you Mr. Metzger and Dangerous Minds!