Penn State University Appears to Have Covered Up Child Rape in Football Program

Pennsylvania State University appears to have abandoned its primary duty to protect the children on its campus. The betrayal of its community and its children is shocking. Its football facilities appear to have been used for an ongoing series of child rapes by football coach Joe Paterno’s longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky. Two high-ranking university officials have been arrested for keeping the rapes unreported to law enforcement. That’s called a coverup where I come from. It would seem that a graduate student told a Grand Jury that he witnessed a 10 year old boy being raped in the football locker room. His decision at the time was to allow the rape to continue. Later on he says he went to coach Paterno’s home to discuss the episode with him. Paterno says he reported the allegations to university athletic director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the senior vice president of finance and business.


I’m sorry, but my jaw just hit the desk. Let’s go over that again. A graduate student witnesses the rape of a child and walks away. Goes to Joe Paterno’s house to discuss it! Joe Paterno goes to school administrators! No one calls the police! No one walks into the locker room, pulls the rapist off the child and beats his head against a wall. Are these guys kidding? There’s no use in this world for men who cannot help a child being raped. The rapist is an obvious psychopath and will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. That’s for sure. But these other men, Paterno included, have proven themselves to be unable to muster the small amount of strength required to stand up for a child. It should have been easy to walk in and stop that rape. It should have been a reflex. This graduate student continues to work for the university for 9 years without talking about the crime he witnessed. Well this fellow quite obviously serves no useful purpose in civilization.  His departure would go unnoticed. The same for Paterno. You, sir, should be somewhat more than ashamed.  You could go apply for work at the Vatican which, along with Penn State University, seems to run an efficient child rape network.

I am free to say that because high-ranking university officials have been charged with leaving the alleged crime unreported to police.  This puts the official posture of the university as being one of active coverup. It seems probable that knowledge of the alleged crimes will be more widespread in the university than currently understood.

One thing you can count on – if it had been one of Paterno’s grandchildren getting raped in that locker room, he most certainly would have called the police. He didn’t because he just didn’t give a shit.

The disgusting refusal by grown men to defend a child warrants not only the immediate dismissal of Joe Paterno, but also the closing down of the school’s football program at least until a very thorough investigation deeper into the university’s structure can be completed.

The only correct posture when you see a kid being raped is physical violence against the perpetrator followed by a call to 911.  Whatever Joe Paterno might say in the next few days to defend himself, ignore him and remember that defending a child from rape is a very simple and easy decision to make.

America, One Quarter of Your Children Are In Poverty

Look at these kids. Look at how bright and good they are. Sixty Minutes went and found some of the millions of recently homeless families living in cheap motel rooms around this country as they try to maintain some semblance of normalcy in a rapidly collapsing world of foreclosures and endless joblessness.

An entire generation of kids is going to grow up with a very different attitude about life and country than we baby boomers have had. These kids are the shock to the American system. They experience an America of grinding poverty and large corporations that heartlessly protect only the top earners in their structures. But these kids have a sharp awareness and a reflective quality that bodes ill for the status quo.

Republican policies would strip poor families of affordable access to health care and birth control services. Republican policies favor the very wealthy and corporate profits at the expense of everyone else. This is very strange since many supporters of Republican policies are themselves poor. Democrats are not much better. They tend to have a more realistic view of poverty and its causes, but they do not show the strength required to stand up and be great in the face of despair. Obama is a decent and dull failure. I am pessimistic about his chances at a second term because he has not behaved as if he did not want or need a second term. All presidential mediocrities temper their politics toward winning a second election. A great president only wants a single term in office.

America finds itself in strange waters during a time when it is supposed to be commanding a bright future. It bogs itself down in budget busting wars that are meant to spread democracy in countries that do not value democracy. America spills its blood and money into the earth, but will end up with nothing. The people it fights for will not build free societies. They will wallow in filth and slip back into the hands of despots or religious tyrants. Some people on earth have no possibilities. It is that simple. One must eventually leave those people to their own particular demise.  To believe otherwise is to engage a fantasy.

But not these people in this video. These are sharp and strong Americans who will recognize what’s been done wrong in this country and they will stand up and decide to fix things when they are just a little bit older.

I found this via Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds.

Peach Boy – A Folktale From Japan


In honor of the great people of Japan during a terrible crisis, I re-post this beautiful tale.

This is the story of young Momotaro, whose name literally means Peach Boy. The story is one of the most popular from Japanese folklore. Its theme of the unification of a people separated by hostility into an effective force for change resonates throughout history and applies to many different cultures.

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Read by Laral Andrews.
Duration: 00:05:57

Here’s the full audio script:


ONCE upon a time in Japan, there lived in the country an old man and his wife. They were very lonely because they had no children.

One day the old man went into the mountains to cut firewood and his wife went to the river to wash clothes.

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Artie Knapp Children’s Book Announcement and Online Tales

Artie Knapp writes marvelous, cheerful and gently humorous tales for children.  He’s been offering his stories to this site for years and I always look forward to a new one.  Knapp’s latest accomplishment is an illustrated book of stories published by Mighty Book, Inc. and illustrated by Mike Motz. The stories included were previously published by Detroit Free Press/Yak’s Corner.  It will be available soon and I’ll post an update when it hits the shelves!

In addition to the upcoming print collection, Knapp has begun offering his children’s stories through Mighty Book’s web site.  His recent story, Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand, is available as an animated read-aloud/read-along that is a perfect way to introduce your kids to the Artie Knapp story universe.  I am proud to say that I produced the audio and narration for the read-along and I think Mighty Book has done a wonderful job creating an interface for children.

It has also won some recent awards, including the Speech Woman’s Speech-Language Pathology Site of the Month Award for January 2011 and the Stop, Think, & Speak Award, which was a student nominated award from Penn State University.

You can also buy Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand from Amazon.

Mighty Book will soon publish more Knapp stories, including The Wasp and the Canary, The Hummingbird Who Chewed Bubblegum, and There’s a Crocodile in Our Pickle Jar, as fully illustrated Flash-animated books.