Book Trailer: Inherent Vice

I’ve never been able to get through a book by Thomas Pynchon. Well, I should reveal that I’ve only tried once with his Against the Day.  Unreadable as far as I’m concerned.  But I still went out and bought a copy of Gravity’s RainbowJames Joyce is unreadable too and yet I still like him.  I never hold unreadability against a writer because I know how truly stupid I can be while reading – sometimes falling asleep and having to reread many pages.  But this video is probably the best book trailer I have ever seen.  I’d been thinking that the book sounded like a bore, but this trailer has me digging into the side pouch of my briefcase to find some spare change for the bookstore.

Another thing – whoever did the voiceover for this little movie is a stark raving mad genius.  He should read the entire book out loud.  I’d buy that too.