Listen to this.  Why the mask?  Well, a performer is never who you think he is.  He is who he thinks he is.

Via the very interesting site, Daily Dose Of Dylan

Bob Dylan Needs a Blog

This is Bob Dylan with his typewriter.  I got the image from a nice blog called Daily Dose of Dylan.  I know Mr. Dylan really likes playing his music everywhere and I sure like listening to him when he does it.  But I have a message for him too: Hey, you with the boots, you really should make a blog and write in it.  Not a fake one.  A real one that you write for on a laptop in airports and stuff like that.  Or on long bus rides.  That would be something I’d read.  I always wonder what a blog by Jack Kerouac might have been like had he been around to write one.  I don’t want to die without knowing what a Bob Dylan blog would be like.