Silent Shadow of the Bat-Man: A Film by Andre Perkowski


From the corrupt and nefarious cinematic mind of filmmaker Andre Perkowski comes this series of fantastic silent Batman adventures. Episodes 1 and 2 detail the caped crusader’s origin story. You know the one, but you’ve probably never seen it told this way before.

Perkowski has been featured here before for his ongoing epic adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ novel, ‘Nova Express.’



Here’s an update from the filmmaker himself! All five parts of the Bat-Man serial with a live symphony playing along!



Batman and Robin: Amazingly Awful 1949 Columbia Pictures Serial

Batman and Robin was a Columbia Pictures serial of 1949. It starred Robert Lowery as the batman and a rather stolid little fellow named Johnny Duncan. It’s a totally awkward, cheesy and humorless affair that very perfectly captures the true spirit of the comic book.  But shockingly there’s no batmobile!  The caped crime-fighting duo drive around in an old Mercury convertible as if they’re married and looking for a gas station.

Look, if Christopher Nolan wants to try to convince us all that he can make gritty realistic films about Batman, go ahead and let him. He’s wasting his own time. Batman is an absurdity and should be filmed as such. Enjoy this horrendous bit of movie serial history and don’t try to figure out all the machines and criminal plots. None of it makes any sense at all!

Batman Dies: An Interview with Neil Gaiman

DC Comics picked Neil Gaiman to write the final two issues of their monthly Detective Comics.  The two-part series is called Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?  It chronicles the death of Batman.  This July, both issues of the comic will go on sale in a hardcover version.  After a period of no Batman comics, DC intends to reboot the franchise with new stories.  That sounds interesting.

The Gaiman story about Batman’s death sounds fascinating and the artwork looks incredible.  The issues were pencilled by Andy Kubert and inked by Scott Williams.  This looks like Batman comics just the way I like to see them. has a nice lengthy interview with Neil Gaiman about the creation of the story and his perspective on turning great comicbooks into movies.