Printing Banksy: Modern Multiples Creates the LA Prints

The art is thin, but secret identities are always fascinating. No artist needs one. They are always put in place to cover up a glaring weakness.  In Banksy’s case, the weakness is that he is simply a mildly talented, professionally skilled illustrator with some measure of showmanship.  The showmanship is the primary industry in his case.  He draws for people who are texting.  There is absolutely no art being produced.  None at all.  But that is one hell of grand joke if you ask me!  Banksy naked would simply be the emperor with no clothes.  I do however believe that the energy and impulses behind the current explosion of street art will lead directly into the next great movement in art.  But that movement will most assuredly not include Banksy.

This is a video about the Los Angeles fine art printer, Richard Duardo, who worked with Banksy to prepare for a 2006 gallery show. The film was made by Brad Beyer and Robert Dragan. There’s an official website.

The Secret Identity of Author B. Traven

B. Traven was the mysterious best-selling author of the novel, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which was made into a classic film by director John Huston in the 1940s. But who was B. Traven? The mystery surrounding his identity remains fascinating to this day. There have been many theories about who he was, whether he was several people, whether he was an expatriate German or perhaps even the President of Mexico. People in the film world apparently thought they would have meetings with him, but were then informed that a representative would show up. But was the representative actually B. Traven?

When an artist hides his or her identity many theories develop. Modern figures who have cribbed from Traven’s playbook are the novelist Thomas Pynchon and the painter Banksy who really have no reasons for remaining anonymous beyond the artistic jolt that a secret identity personally gives them. It’s not the crooks that interest Batman after all – it’s the secret identity. A secret identity makes you better in every way because it turns you immediately into a work of art. All artists should be mysteries. At the very least, they should tell lots of lies.

I present this post and its excellent documentary as part of my preparations for an upcoming film. Getting the right mood.

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Banksy Exposed!


Gotcha, Banksy!  I’ve been wondering about enigmatic urban street artist Banksy for some time now.  I’ve found out his secret.  Urban Outfitters.  Look at the stealth photo I snapped in a mall location.  The book raised high above all others on a pedestal… Banksy.  Apparently, he’s an Urban Outfitters fave.  Yes.  Indeed.  Uh huh.  Rebel artist.  Street prankster.  Humorist.  Urban Outfitter.  Dude, listen.  If your art is seriously dug by super-corp teenage dupe specialists like Urban Overchargers, its time to fill a vodka bottle with gasoline and fire bomb your own wall paintings.  For sure.  You know something’s off when you start reading about an artist’s ‘humor.’  Now run off to your nearest Urban Outfitters to experience the rebellious humor of legendary street artist Banksy!

Super-Secret Artist Banksy Defaces The Simpsons

Emerging in utmost secrecy from his well-hidden fortress of urban art, Banksy has brought his/her unique brand of urban art-terrorism to The Simpsons. Last night’s episode featured an opening sequence directed by the incognito artist. We see the Banksy logo painted across a billboard and then the sequence suddenly takes us into what looks like an asian sweatshop of animators working on Simpson’s animation and making Simpsons toys. My favorite part is the suffering unicorn.

Most people are caught completely unaware by the artist’s secret nocturnal visits to leave behind images that provoke.  However, I can’t imagine that the producers of The Simpsons were unaware of Banksy’s activities.  The only person who seems unaware is some mid-level Twentieth Century Fox employee who keeps taking the videos down from YouTube for copyright violation.  Would it be permissible for someone higher up at Twentieth Century Fox to take said employee into the parking lot and run over that person’s mouse hand with a Humvee?

Update: The higher-ups at the studio appear to have listened and graciously disabled the meddling fingers of whoever was deleting the video from YouTube.  So posted above is the Simpsons opening in all its glory.

Artist Banksy Makes Some Stealth Art

This is British artist Banksy sneaking out at night to deface a wall that has a security camera. It think in general that it’s a pretty neat idea to deface, destroy, disable, or demolish any wall that has a security camera. This artist is unidentified because he probably likes it that way, makes more money that way, and avoids arrest that way. He uses stencils a lot. Seems like he can draw. Seems angry in a mild sort of way.  Seems like he runs away a lot.  But I think his pictures are good.  I like them.  I keep looking for more of them.  The odd part is that I don’t look at them for long.  Very short lifespans.  About seven seconds.  Then finished.  Like signs passing on the road.  They hit fast then run.

I think he should make a picture that you are supposed to look at for an hour.  But when have you ever seen someone doing that?  Stand in front of picture for an hour.  You’d think they were nuts, wouldn’t you?

About art galleries Banksy says:

These galleries are just trophy cabinets for a handful of millionaires, the public never has any real say in what art they see.

Damn right. When you give the public a real say in what art they are going to see, you know what you get?

A T-shirt.