Roland’s Adventures in Wonderland – A Film by Istvan Horkay

Artist Istvan Horkay made this strangely mesmerizing film that combines Alice in Wonderland, the elephant man, 19th century theater, silent film, modern computer graphics, children’s illustration and digital readouts.  There are three films going on at the same time in a beautiful triptych.

Alice In Wonderland For iPad

I’ve got lots of grumps against Apple’s iPad, like the lack of support for Flash, one of the greatest web technologies in existence. But this Alice in Wonderland eBook looks fantastic. I’d love to make all the pictures move around and I think kids will too. This must be right because when I was a kid I fervently wished for every illustration to wake up and start moving.

New Illustrated Alice in Wonderland

Artist Camille Rose Garcia has illustrated a new version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I’d read her book instead of seeing the Tim Burton film. He’s really just the most obnoxiously untalented movie-maker.  He is mistakenly called a ‘dark’ director.  He is not.  Actually, he is as moronically cheerful and sunshiny as Walt Disney. And Johnny Depp’s entire talent and technique as a performer resides within his wrists. It’s bravura wrist-acting.  So skip the lumbering slog of a film and read the excellent book with the beautiful illustrations by Garcia.

Her pictures make me want to read the book again.  Here’s a L.A. Times Jacket Copy article about the artist.