Animation: Skhizein

Jérémy Clapin made Skhizein, a CG animation in which a man finds himself standing about a foot to the side of his actual position in the world. My question is: if he’s standing off to the side of himself, wouldn’t he be seeing everything from the point of view of his actual self since he touches things from that point of view?

Animation: The Forest

David Scharf made this lovely animated film called The Forest. A young girl uses her imagination in a world that doesn’t fit her well. She resists being drawn into the ordinary life she sees around her for as long as she can.

The animation is beautiful and the film has a dark, smokey look. It’s a story told simply and with a delicate touch.

I found this via my favorite film site, No fat clips!!!

Animation: Red Rabbit

Egmont Mayer of Germany made this 3D animated film. A man lives with his secret rabbit and cuts his social interactions to nearly nothing as a result of his shame. I like the way animators are starting to revel in making their films look like they are rendered in 3D software rather than trying to defeat the software to make things look realistic.