Treasure Island

Treasure Island

The single greatest and most famous pirate book of all time is Treasure Island, by the Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson. (1850 – 1894).

Stevenson introduced all the elements that are now part of the pirate myth: treasure maps, buried gold, parrots, wooden legs, eye patches, and deserted islands.

The book tells a young boy’s story of how his normal existence is shattered when a mysterious stranger appears at his father’s
inn. A treasure map soon leads the boy on a sea voyage that results in treacherous pirates trying to mutiny and steal the treasure. There is a harrowing story of the boy’s survival on a deserted island. The book is much more than a pirate story. It deals with our innate longing for mystery and the adventure of learning to rely on one’s own abilities. Treasure Island is still one of the most popular books in the world.

The map of Treasure Island. Robert Louis Stevenson said that it was the
drawing of this map that inspired him to write the novel.

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