The Re-Gen Project


Welcome to The Re-Gen Project, the first attempt in scientific history to revivify a non-living human being.

The Re-Gen laboratory houses some of the world’s leading researchers and scientists, all working toward the goal of bringing a single human being back from the dead.


Of over 125 scientists and technicians working on the Re-Gen Project, only six know the exact location of the laboratory and its support offices. This high level of secrecy is necessary because of industrial and international intelligence gathering operations that could severely hamper the project’s chances for success. Security at the lab is tighter than that for any other corporate industrial operation.


The Re-Gen Project believes in making its knowledge as available to the public as possible without endangering its mission. To this end, the Re-Gen scientists have allowed web access to a live video feed from inside the laboratory.

The identities of the researchers and technicians is protected by digital means of face and voice alteration. However, they will be able to communicate events as they happen to viewers around the world.

Your Place in Re-Gen

By viewing the Re-Gen Project video feed, you will be able to take part in today’s historic experiment. The video software will allow your computer to make some of the calculations required for the colossal task of re-nourishing and electrifying long-dormant cells in the test subject. The software runs entirely within its own web page and is completely harmless.

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