Animation: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This is a film made in a workshop run by Quirky Pictures for the BBC Children in Need at the Downsview Special School in the U.K. It’s just insanely beautiful. These kids are learning to be free with various artistic modes and they have made something that is mysterious, magical and wonderful. They are 9 – 12 years old and they make all their paper cutouts, puppets, and props. They storyboard and watercolor and narrate. They have their own little movie studio going into operation. These workshops must be something to see because these results are something very rare. I think the BBC should put together a television show and get all these things on the air.

Animation: The Scared Ladybird

Ok, do these kids have any idea how good this work is? I think they probably do, because they are a total crack-up. ‘People say I’m spotty, but I say I’m dotty.’ Lots of laughs and excellent dialog from these kids who are going to turn their school (Oxley Park Primary School) into an animation studio very quickly. This is the result of another animation camp from Quirky Pictures.

Film by Children: The Sword in the Stone

Children at West Lea School made this animated version of the King Arthur legend in their Quirky Pictures animation workshop.  It’s a marvelous telling of the tale of how Arthur is able to pull the sword from the stone and become king.  These kids have created a wonderful film that tells its story fearlessly and with great imagination.  I will find many more of these animations to post here.