Transformers Generation: Wild Robot Action Fan Film by Harris Loureiro


Filmmaker Harris Loureiro went to the store and bought himself a bunch of robot toys. Then he made a Transformers movie. It’s a wild, action-packed thrill ride of a stop-motion extravaganza, complete with voice overs and a fittingly super-dramatic score. Have fun!

Welcome to Hoxford: A Fan Film That’s Creepy and Awesome


Here’s an awesome horror short that’s a very professional grade fan film based on Ben Templesmith’s ‘Welcome to Hoxford’ comic book. It’s bloody impressive and has a nice creepy psychotic edge to it.  The film was directed by Julien Mokrani.  Just what the warden ordered for Halloween’s month of October!

Here’s the fan film web site.

Star Trek: Phase II

Start Trek: Phase II is an amazingly expert series of fan films made by and starring James Cawley. Aside, from the new faces playing familiar roles, the show nails the original Star Trek look head on. I mean for goodness sake there’s an entire Enterprise bridge set that is perfect. Everything works! A lot of hard work goes into these films and they serve admirably as new Star Trek episodes. Fantastic.

Here’s the Phase II web site.

With thanks to Paul Gallagher at Dangerous Minds.