An Awesome Book

dallas_clayton_an_awesome_world_Dallas Clayton is an author who has written and illustrated An Awesome Book.  It’s about making sure your dreams are enormous.  Petty little dreams are so out.  Big huge ones with rockets on their backs are ultra-in.

I like the looks of this book and I really like big dreams whenever they come around.  I like the way the author draws too.

You can purchase Mr. Clayton’s book here.

But you can also read the whole entire thing for free right here.

I think you should read it online and then buy one or two to give away.

Igraine the Brave: Children’s Book About Saving a Castle Full of Books

Here’s a marvelous children’s book for Children’s Book Week. Igraine the Brave is by Cornelia Funke. It’s published by The Chicken House Ltd. Reading ages are 9 – 12.

Princess Igraine dreams of becoming a famous knight just like her great grandfather, but the truth is, life at the family castle is rather boring. Until the nephew of the baroness-next-door shows up. He’s got a dastardly plan to capture the castle and claim as his own the wonderful singing spell books that belong to Igraine’s magician parents. To make matters worse, at the very moment of the siege, her mom and dad botch a spell, turning themselves into pigs! Aided by a Gentle Giant and a Sorrowful Knight, it’s up to Igraine to be brave and save the day–and the books!

The whole idea of defending a castle full of magic books is perfect for a week that celebrates children’s books.

Get Igraine The Brave

Children’s Book Week is May 11 – 17

It’s Children’s Book Week from May 11 – 17, 2009.  It covers everything from picture books for very young readers to teen fiction.  As part of the celebration, the Children’s Book Council is going to list the Children’s Choice Book Awards on May 13.  The award is given to books selected by children as their favorites of the year.  You can print out the official Children’s Book Week bookmark.

This event has been celebrated since 1919 in schools, libraries, and bookstores.  You can celebrate at home by reading to young children each day of the week, buying your kids some wonderful new books, printing out posters for their walls, encouraging them to enter online writing contests, and just letting them know that time spent reading is worth much more than time spent watching television.

1000 Times No: Book Promo Film

The creator of Cartoon Network’s Codename: Kids Next Door, Mr. Warburton, has written a children’s book called 1000 Times No.  Noah’s mother says it’s time to leave, but the little multilingual baby shouts ‘No!’ in every possible language.  The promo film stands on its own and is very amusing.

1000 Times No on Amazon

I found this via Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew.