The Pothole: Audio Horror Story from Well Told Tales

Mature Content

The Pothole is the latest offering from Well Told Tales, a blog specializing in the production of pulp fiction podcasts.  They have recently transitioned from offering only their own audio productions to allowing users to upload their own audio stories, films and written stories.  It’s an excellent idea.

I had a blast listening to The Pothole a few evenings ago.  It’s genuinely disturbing and offers a unique perspective on its genre.  I won’t tell you which genre it is because I don’t want to spoil the suspense for you.  The writing by Kris Ashton hooks you immediately.  His characters are vivid.  The story is pulp fiction at its best.  The narrator is John Wooley, actor, author, film teacher and columnist.  His reading is superb, with a relaxed and gravelly voice that lets the story unwind with just the right touch of dread.

These guys are very accomplished and are making some of the best audio stories I’ve heard anywhere.  Give Well Told Tales a visit.

Audio Story: Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X

Here’s an excellent audio download of one of the old Tom Swift adventure books, Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X.  The reading is by Roy Trumbull at the Story Spieler Podcast.

The Tom Swift adventure books are a series that began in 1910 and continue in some form today.  This particular book was written in 1961.  Tom is a young inventor who dreams up all sorts of high-tech devices and craft in order to win the day.

Apparently, computer developer Steve Wozniak grew up reading the books and credits them with inspiring free and open creative thinking.