Storybook: Larkin Wyley’s Paleontology Adventure

By Artie Knapp (USA –

Illustration by divaDzine

BEFORE THE SUN had even broken across the horizon, young Larkin Wyley was anxious to start his day. Larkin was confident he was going to make a paleontology discovery so big and so grand, that it would put his name in the Kid’s Hall of Fame.

As his parents drove him to the digging site, it was hard for Larkin to contain his excitement.

“Just think, in a couple of hours I may be holding something millions of years old!” said Larkin.

“Well, that would be something, Larkin. But remember, paleontology is hard work. The most important thing is to just have fun today,” said his dad.

“And if things don’t turn out like you had hoped, that’s okay. Just keep at it,” said Larkin’s mom.

Larkin appreciated his parents’ advice, but quickly reminded them about the local farmer who had discovered a fossilized dinosaur egg many years before.

“Where there’s one, there’s sure to be more!” said Larkin with great excitement.

Then the Wyley family drove up a long country dirt-road, where Larkin’s grandparents owned land that stretched as far as the eye could see. And it was there that Larkin knew he would find his T-Rex.

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Animation: Dog Life

Who is Tanya Grishko? She made this film and it’s just absolutely magnificent. There’s not a false note anywhere in it. The timing is brilliant, never missing a beat. I love the scene in the bar where she starts lapping her drink and all the customers are just staring at her. Fantastic. Beautiful drawings. If you’re running an animation studio, just meet Ms. Grishko on the corner, walk her through the front door, sit her down at a desk and have her start working.

Another film from the Candlelight Stories Short Films group on Vimeo.

Epic Mickey Wii Game Intro

This is the opening cinematic from the upcoming Wii game Epic Mickey. It is fun and has that ever-flowing look of a Disney cartoon. I have one quibble with it. You can’t always do in computer animation what you do in hand-drawn animation. In this case, I think the problem is in Mickey’s hands. They are a little off.

1000 Years of Polish History Turned Into 8 Minutes of Xbox Hell

Here’s how you obfuscate 1000 years of history. You animate it into an unintelligible eight minutes for an expo in Shanghai because certainly those Chinese are interested in how the Poles won their freedom. But the real problem with this animation that seems to place Poland’s entire history squarely into an Xbox game is the ending. All that history brings us up to the overbearing and rather creepy final images of the great corporate towers ascending into the heavens, completely taking over and creating the corporate citadel of wonder that houses only cubicle workers and offers relaxing courtyards where business people can take a mandatory lunch.  It’s as if the only thing the western world can figure out to do with cities anymore is to turn them into gargantuan corporate business parks unfit for any human habitation.