Live Tarot Reading Events For All

We’ve been holding live Tarot reading events in AltspaceVR with host Cimaxion doing the cards. These events happen inside the Tarot Temple virtual reality world and are accessible in 2D as well on Windows and Mac computers. The whole idea of doing live readings inside a fun world is really catching on and the groups that join for these are growing each time we do them. It’s really fun and the people are getting into the whole spirit of it.

We do Tarot with a positive spin that uses the cards for inspiration and as guideposts for things to pay attention to as we make our way through a sometimes confusing world. The people who attend these events are showing so much enthusiasm for the idea that we are trying to offer more content each day.

Please do come join us for Tarot reading fun!

This is a link to tonight’s event at 6:00 pm PST:

You can access these events very easily – don’t let the virtual reality part hold you back because there are other options.

Hope you can make it!

Cimaxion’s Livestream Tarot Readings on Twitch – March 19, 2021

Come join the Twitch livestream:

Audio Podcast Novel: Pinocchio (Chapter 18)


Click here to get all the chapters

We’re back! The story continues.

This is one of the great children’s stories of the world. Carlo Collodi’s 1883 masterpiece, The Adventures of Pinocchio, is the story of the wooden marionette who desperately wants to be a real boy. His adventures are full of mischief, wonder, sadness, joy, treachery, danger and all the exuberant life of a real Italian boy. This is the English translation by Carol Della Chiesa.

Reading and illustration by Alessandro Cima

All audio stories are Copyright © Candlelight Stories, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute copies of our MP3 audio or video stories. They are for your personal use. If you choose to burn our MP3 stories onto a personal CD, do not make copies of the CD or distribute them to other people. Also, do not sell CDs containing our audio stories. All audio stories are copyrighted by Candlelight Stories, Inc.

The Rooster That Wouldn’t Crow: An Audio Story By Artie Knapp

Here’s something fun for kids. An audio story by Artie Knapp, the author of quite a few illustrated stories that have had a home right here on the web for a long while now. This is a very well-produced audio story with a full cast of actors and an original music score. So settle in with some popcorn on the sofa and get ready for a charming tale of individuality.

Here are the credits for the story:

Written by Artie Knapp

Narrator – Alessandro Cima

Toby – Eric Knudsen

Peter Harpole – Don Smith

Mrs. Harpole & Paula the Hen – Christine Jones

Annie & Ellie – Kristen Erdman

Edited by Sachin Kumar

Music by Valentin Sosnitskiy