How We Started:

Candlelight Stories began in 1995 as an educational entertainment site for kids of all ages. Begun as a small web site with one illustrated story by the site’s founder for his daughter, Candlelight Stories was quickly recognized by USA Today as a prime destination for families. The site grew rapidly and built a loyal audience of families, teachers, writers and artists in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, China, and India. The site has been featured in USAToday, the Los Angeles Times, Yahoo Internet Life, Child Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Access Magazine, the BBC, and many others. We are very proud of having been featured on McDonald’s Happy Meal bags along with Disney.com as one of 2 sites recommended for encouraging kids to learn how to read.

What We Do Now:

Candlelight Stories now offers literary, film, game, news, opinion, and audio content primarily for an adult audience.

Though our site is no longer designed specifically for kids, we make the children’s content that we do offer as friendly as possible by not requiring the collection of any personal contact information.

Over the years, we made our own line of high-quality children’s audio programs that presented classics like ‘Snow White’ and ‘Puss In Boots’ with voice characterizations, music and sound effects. Much of that audio is still on the site and we will be making the rest of it available for free. In fact, we still produce audio podcasts of literary works for different age groups.

We are looking for authors with novels, short stories, poems, eerie tales, horror, and children’s stories who want to get their work online for a wide audience to enjoy.

Check our submission page for more information.

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