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Hedgehog in the Fog
Directed by Yuri Nortstein


About the Film:

Yuri Norstein is one of the great Russian animators who worked in the Soviet movie studio known as Soyusmultfilm. He created films that are considered some of the best animations ever. They have the quality of being watchable many times over. That's something that most animations do not have. Norstein uses multiple layers in this film, some drawn on glass. He uses stop motion techniques with painted cut-outs for the characters. The level of expression and emotion he achieves this way is extraordinary.

Hedgehog in the Fog is a dreamlike and mostly a visual story. However, its simple, evocative soundtrack is wonderful and provides a lesson that I think the 'pop, boing, and whistle' fanatics in animation today could stand to learn. Have you ever wondered why most TV and web cartoons sound so stupid? If you have wondered that, then this film is for you. If you haven't, then go watch Cartoon Network.

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