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Pirate Jack
by Alessandro V. Cima
180 pages
6"x9" high-quality trade paperback

Paperback Price: $11.95

Download Price: $4


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Audiences have been thrilling to the adventures of Jack Spencer in our Pirate Jack audio podcast. Now you can buy the book!

Book Description
Young Jack Spencer sees his father's boat-building business destroyed by a powerful land developer. Then Jack unearths three ancient scrolls that propel him on a dangerous adventure through time in search of a pirate treasure.

When Jack finds himself aboard the pirate ship Revenge with Captain Jameson's crew, he enters a life or death world of ship battles, jungle islands, prison escapes, gold, and treachery.

Set during the golden age of Caribbean piracy, Pirate Jack combines rollicking adventure with the moving story of a boy's love for his father and a courageous effort to save a way of life.

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"Pirate Jack " Copyright © 2000 by Alessandro V. Cima, All Rights Reserved


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