Monsanto House of the Future in 1957 Tomorrowland


This is more interesting than it looks. Monsanto – yes, that evil company that takes dirt and turns it into a lawyer – worked with Disney to build a house of the future in Disneyland. It was intended to show how plastics would revolutionize home building. Apparently, the house was so strong that when Disney tore it down at the end of the sixties they could not break the outer shell with wrecking balls.

My primary interest in the film, aside from the mentally challenged smiling morons that inhabit Monsanto’s future vision, is the fascinatingly awkward focus on comfort as the primary aspect of life in the future. I think a great new science fiction film could be made by some nutty director who would look at the future of industrial films like this one for inspiration. It could be the antidote to the completely bleak, dystopian, post-apocalyptic dumb soup being offered by witless filmmakers like Neill Blompkamp. The thudding incomprehensibility of such work must eventually be counteracted by a house of the future and people who think they are happy!




One thought on “Monsanto House of the Future in 1957 Tomorrowland

  1. Very Jetsons.

    I think with the subject of comfort we’re still there. Only instead of plastic materials for everything “convenient,” it’s electronic communications for everything “convenient” – e.g. two people in adjacent cubicles at work communicating through company email, instead of getting up and walking two paces to meet one another and speak in person. Our inventions can be kind of stupid. …

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