Secret Recording of NYPD Stop and Frisk Assault on Teenager

This short documentary contains the only known secret recording of New York City police conducting a “stop and frisk” for absolutely no reason other than simple harassment. The audio is both illuminating and terrifying because it makes clear that the officers have no respect for the rights of citizens. They simply want to fulfill their quotas and impress their bosses. They shove, threaten, mock and restrain this teenager in Harlem, but he's recording them all the while on his cell phone – which is legal in New York! Congratulations to him for the excellent work and for bearing up well against the brute force of criminal cops.
The film, directed by Ross Tuttle, goes on to interview some actual NYPD cops about how unpleasant the stop and frisk policy is and how it makes the police hunt civilians. It is my opinion that populations need to turn against police departments that are clearly veering out of control. In New York, every stop and frisk should result in an immediate mob scene that gets out of control within moments. Police should be surrounded and isolated by large groups of New Yorkers. Sudden and total shutdowns of police harassment by large mobs will be an extreme problem for the police. It's called resistance and it works. If a police officer wants to stop and frisk someone for no reason, they should draw a crowd. If the courts can't stop this nonsense, people will.
That’s my opinion on how to treat these cops in New York.