President Obama Declares His Support for Gay Marriage
Well there you go! I knew there was a reason to be proud of our president. Obama today declared his support for gay marriage during an ABC news television interview. He is the first president ever to do so. It has taken him some time and he has decided to do it going into his reelection campaign. Good for him! I think I like him again!
At a time when the simpletons of North Carolina have decided to amend their state constitution to ban all marriages except those between a man and a woman because ‘God’ says that’s the way it should be, this president’s declaration of support rings out like a call to civilization, human dignity and simple common sense.
There’s a huge swath of our U.S. population cheerfully lining up to be the idiots of history – those people you will eventually see in historic photos displaying their blind range at the very thought of respecting the civil rights of others. Remember all those dead-eyed, raging lunatics in the 50s and 60s who stood in drooling protest against school integration? Remember them? Well they haven’t gone anywhere. Those idiots are still with us in the form of ‘religious’ folk who simply must ‘protect’ marriage from people who love each other and want to spend their lives together. History does not treat bigots very well.
Of course Vice President Biden must get enormous credit for declaring his own support for gay marriage just several days ago. His remarks created a shit storm for everyone else just the way they should have.
Barack Obama and Joseph Biden just got themselves another campaign donation from me.