Jam Tomorrow: Animation by Hayley Jukes

London animator Hayley Jukes made this stop-motion portrayal of an artist dealing with the various problems encountered when everything in one’s world contains life. Animators give this life to things and can’t always control the outcome. I particularly like the untied sneakers, the coffee urns, and the interesting sofa. Also, I just realized today that some of the music seems to be from a circus. Jukes appears to be making something in a simple way, framing shots so that she can perform and animate in what appears to be a single-handed effort. But she has a natural sense of composition that interests me for its ability to convey a mood. This is not the kind of film one makes to impress people. It’s the kind of film one makes to express something. It has that directness of technique and enthusiasm for mechanical discovery that I see in old avant-garde films of the 1920s and 30s. Jukes is using a very analog fun with cameras and objects style in a digital era and has the requisite talent for all true animators: the ability to imbue things with life.