The Neglected: A Film About the Street Children of Ukraine by David Gillanders

Photographer David Gillanders of Scotland made this film from his work photographing the homeless children of Ukraine. It was produced by Britain’s Channel 4. The drug addiction and desperate living conditions make for a very upsetting experience. It is difficult to imagine how children can be allowed to slip below the streets to live in sewers. It is an unforgivable sin in any civilization to allow this to happen to its children. Most of these kids are now dead.

It seems to me a worthy form of journalism that straightforwardly documents suffering that is being experienced by the most helpless members of a population.

Thank you to Paul Gallagher at Dangerous Minds.

One thought on “The Neglected: A Film About the Street Children of Ukraine by David Gillanders

  1. Ooops! sometime its very hard to control the tears. I am working with these chidlren in India. I am running Tranist shelter home under TAABAR Society. In local dialect TAABAR means a small loving child but unfortuntely thes children doesn’t know the meaning of love. they are discarded by the parents, by the community. they are victims of circumstances and vuluurable to exploitation and killing diseases.
    I ma trying to understand the psychology of these children while dealing with them cosueling them. they are so daring, they have the skills which we learn with the experience ralted with our age but they are too tiny but in experince they leave behind us. Sometime I feel is there any importance of realtionships when parents force them thier children to leave them, they leave their chidlren to enjoy their own life. Mostly the children who are on streets, victim of disorganised family. secondly runaway children who leave their home when they do not find the things according to them. i think how they collect the courage to leave their homes. becuase I am 35 year old but whenever i have to leave my home for offcial tour i feel uncofortable though i know that i have all the logistics arranged for me like baording ,lodging but then i feel nervous. I think these children have extraordianry guts and skills which are not getting understand by their parents , gaurdians, community. they need a proper guidance and utilisation of their skills in consturtive and positive manner. for this we have to make joint effort.

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