The Rolling Stones – Highway Child – Unreleased 1968 Song

I like it. Chug chug. It sort of motors along. Nobody plays this way anymore. Nobody makes rock. I think to make rock you have to enjoy being an asshole and you have to look around at the world without worrying about being a good person. You also can’t commit suicide if you want to be good at rock. If you commit suicide, it means you wanted to be nice but couldn’t. Nice people get eaten. They don’t become rock stars. It’s not an anger thing. If you’re mad at something, you can’t do rock either. I think you’ve got to enjoy the anger, drift above it, relishing it, mocking it, using it for an advantage, but you can never let anger be your thing… like the punks. Only funny punks are worth listening to. The mad ones suck because ultimately they’re only mad about ice cream. Jagger is a laughing little bitch punk who wins every song he plays.