Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Throws Idiot Texter Out of Theater


Oh yeah! Go Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! I’m totally with ya! Listen to this nattering twit with snot for brains as she expresses her outrage over being tossed out of a movie theater minus refund for texting. Sometimes, don’t you wish you could drive a coat hanger through the head of one of these people? I recommend throwing these boneheads out onto the sidewalk face-first. Who gives a fart about a jackoff who needs to text in a movie theater? I’ve actually heard a-holes sitting in movies while engaging in loud telephone conversations. They can become very belligerent and downright dangerous if confronted about their rudeness. It would be nice to see mob reactions in these cases where cell phone users in movie theaters are actually ejected by the audience. They should be thrown into traffic so they can be run over. Cell phones are the great IQ test of our time. To loosely quote an old movie: The more you text, the stupider you are.