A Chinese Fairytale

I’m going to be somewhat cryptic in this post because I’m attempting to get in underneath China’s diligent web checking people.

China has been kidnapping large numbers of artists and intellectuals who completely disappear.  They recently took the artist in this photo.  While he was being taken away he snapped the photo of his reflection inside an elevator.  He’s very famous.  He has been totally vanished by the Chinese.

Many others have too.  They are being taken and vanished because China is very afraid of something.

They are afraid of something big.  Something that was to be peaceful – the way it has been in some other countries recently.  But in China you cannot do it peacefully.  You will be murdered if you try to do it peacefully.

You must do it with an explosion.

You must do it quickly.

The Chinese can eliminate their problem.  The problem is usually to be found wearing a uniform.  It must be eliminated quickly and by any means at hand.  If you are in China, you are living in a massive slave camp that provides slave labor to Western corporations.  You might decide that you want to end your slavery.

That is my message to the people of China.

2 thoughts on “A Chinese Fairytale

  1. If you really want to write a message to the people of China, you had best write in in Chinese, otherwise it will only be a message to the relatively small number of people in world who have internet access and a computer, who can read English, and who believe that mainland China needs the kind of dangerous and aggressive change that you are talking about.

    • Joe,

      Dangerous and aggressive change? Since when is the overthrow of a brutal communist police state considered an aggressive change? How long should over one billion people live in a prison camp? How long should people put up with being jailed or killed for speaking about freedom?

      As for writing in Chinese, well I don’t know how to do that. So I’ll continue to make my suggestions for China in English.

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