Northern Japan May be Rendered Uninhabitable by Nuclear Reactors

Look at that picture.  That’s a Reuters news photo of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.  It is disintegrating.  Explosions, fires and radiation leaks are growing worse by the day and the efforts to dump water on the reactors are desperate and considered by experts to be ‘last-ditch’ efforts.

The UK’s Daily Mail has an in-depth article with photos.

This is a frightening and horrific world disaster that is quickly approaching and will likely exceed the Chernobyl disaster.  The French government is evacuating its nationals from Japan and has announced that the Japanese government is hiding the truth about the disaster.  That’s about all one should need to know at this point.  The French, one of the world’s leading nuclear nations, are evacuating from Japan.

Let’s stop and think about a Japan with a northern region that is completely uninhabitable.

Japan cannot handle this situation.  It has become an emergency requiring a massive U.S. military intervention.

It should go without saying that investigations of nuclear power plant operators worldwide is in quick order.  The criminal stupidity of building these things should lead to arrests and prosecutions in the coming months.  If someone comes to your town trying sell you a nuclear power plant… put them in a jail cell.

U.S. officials are now saying that the Japanese government has not been telling the truth about the emergency.  ‘Extremely high’ radiation levels announced by U.S.

I simply cannot overstress the absolute criminal stupidity of building nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone prone to massive tsunamis.  It is simply beyond all excuse and government and power company officials in Japan should definitely be put in jail and taken out of office.  This reactor problem is an insult to rationality itself.  You don’t build nuclear reactors on top of faults in tsunami waters.  It is suicide.

UPDATE: Great Britain is now evacuating all British citizens from Tokyo.

3 thoughts on “Northern Japan May be Rendered Uninhabitable by Nuclear Reactors

  1. I have to say this has been a big learning lesson for me. Even though this Japanese reactor is of the 70’s vintage, I logically don’t buy the argument any more that nuclear is safe. These things are highly unpredictable with extreme amount of variables that man doesn’t seem capable of controlling. Its bad enough that the technology is complex, but because it requires centralization that means that the stupidest and I mean the bureaucrats eventually end up making decisions. We should all know that when politicians start thinking everybody is in great harm. This is totally an argument about complex and centralized systems, a small operator of electrical power generation would never embrace something with this amount of liability. There are much better answers for energy generation, we need to open the gates for small time innovators to develop these technologies, the only way this can happen is if we keep government and their reckless centralizers out of the picture.

  2. Japanese media’m crazy please help.
    Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s promotion of nuclear power is Satan.

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