Thugs Rape American Journalist in Effort to Intimidate Egypt’s Protesters

Update for February 20, 2011: Several days ago, after hearing this news, I posted the following article which is my opinion in a moment of anger. I went too far and made some ridiculous generalizations about the situation in Egypt where a profound and positive change is underway. I should not have characterized a great and noble revolution the way I did based on the alleged actions of a small group. Several commenters from Egypt have been very angry with me. Though I still await the further facts and details of this episode, I do apologize for my generalization and hasty remarks about a ‘pig revolution.’ They are foolish and do not convey my support for the revolution from its first day. I have also changed the title of this post to try to more accurately reflect what probably happened in Tahrir Square during the celebrations of Mubarak’s departure. I will compose a new article that will make my true feelings clear. My opinions here are not to be taken as news. They are simply the overheated and sometimes too angry reactions of an artist. Here are my original and far too general words:

A mob of approximately two hundred Egyptian men gang-raped CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan during celebrations of the Hosni Mubarak resignation in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

This is how Egyptian men celebrate the overthrow of a dictator.

I am not obligated to consistency of opinion on this web site.  If something makes me angry I say I’m angry.  If I see pigs celebrating a false victory, I say so.  Egypt, you have apparently gone to the pigs.  Two hundred men raping a woman during celebrations in a city square speaks volumes for your civilization or lack thereof.  You are not part of an evolved world.  You are outside of the conversation between nations.  You rape.

Sure, every country has problems with rape.  But my point is that if you see this kind of brutal gang attack during a celebration of joy and victory, you’ve got a statistical certainty that you’re dealing with a brutish general population of men for whom rape is common and widespread.  You can’t walk into Times Square in New York and find 200 people willing to commit rape during a New Year’s celebration.

One dictator has been overthrown.  What comes next will very likely be worse.  A population that can place 200 rapists inside the same square to commit the same crime during a time of joy has sunk to its knees and has no business with the world of civilized nations.  How many other women were raped in the square that we don’t know about?  This problem of rape and oppression of women is rampant throughout the Middle East.  It has deep roots in the region. It seems to be the normal state of existence which is encouraged by every government, whether run by a dictator or not.  We will not see any true revolution in the Middle East until every oppressed woman turns to her rapist and stabs him in the throat.  Perhaps women of the Middle East should organize such an event through Facebook.  All women who have suffered rape arise at 4:00 am on the same day and eliminate their sleeping attackers.  Governments would surely fall almost overnight because there would be no ministers or ‘royal princes’ left to reign.

We see this revolution unfold and we see people shouting for more freedom.  But we do not see a single soul shout for women.  Instead we see Egyptian men raping them.  I will not join my fellow Americans in naively celebrating a pig revolution.

This does not mean that I do not support the revolution. I do support it. It simply means that I will not celebrate while ignoring the very serious problem of how women are treated in the Middle East. The situation is appalling and will cause revolutions to fail. You cannot have freedom and democracy where women are considered to be something less than men.

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  1. If this is how these men celebrate, and how they view the life of a woman. I feel that they are beyond the help of other countries and that they should be left to starve as a nation. Until the people of the Egypt nation stand up and say that this is unacceptable. Our country America should notsend help of any kind to this country until they can prove they value all people, genders, races. The fact they called the reporter a Jew as they raped her shows their total lack of respect towards any other nationality or religion. Let them starve and then the real people will come forward when they overthrow the corrupt government.

    • Though I certainly support overthrowing all dictators and establishing anything that brings a country closer to democracy, I also recognize that countries in the Middle East, and elsewhere of course, have an enormous problem with how they firmly believe women to be inferior. Most Middle East countries are what I call ‘rape states.’ That means that, in general, the governments believe that men have rights over women and can treat them in more or less any way they like. There is a long history of this and much of it is rooted in religion.

  2. All I see on TV is a nation of ugly people, obviously they can’t handle seeing the beauty of the west. Hypocritical to choose sex with someone you consider to be a jew and find pleasure in a jewish person. Black eye for muslims all over the world, especially considering all the praise heaped on that crowd and those citizens. If these are the good muslims then they’re all fubar.

  3. What an awesome idea for a Facebook group.I think this is a grand idea… And name it the Lorena Bobbit Society Finally that piece of crap website is being useful!
    It saddens me that on the internet people are saying she wasn’t raped but “touched up” which though unpleasant is polar opposite than having many men have sex with you. I think people in the West cannot handle something this awful taking place to a woman and have no real idea how badly woman are treated in other parts of the world because American women are spoiled. We American woman do not have to worry about things like Muslim honor killings, rapes or being stoned ( though extreme these things are happening). I disagree this is NOT rooted in religion the Koran does not entitle men to treat women like this. This is extremist behavior and they have been taking place all the way back to Ancient Rome. Also read the bible where a person needed to be sacrificed it was a woman as a context of human behavior this tells a lot.

  4. This Is how u,the American Media attacking Our Free Pure Egyptian Revolution that was not in their interest .. This is how Americans wants us to be in the eyes of the world .. and this is how they ruin our civilized revolution!!!
    How come that the Free Egyptian people at tahrir Square (where both Muslim and Christian Egyptians were prayi…ng there for God) go with this large number on the witness of the whole world and c

    i felt sick when i read such acheap thing from people like u we dont care about ur aid we dont care about u and ur country we dont need ur help just go away from us we will be better
    the real pgs is u americans u r going everywhere destroy everywhere,iraq afghanestan and u r just animals killing hundreds of people by name of democracy and u dont care about lifes but the real thing u r acountry represent adictator of the world

  5. I’ll start with the words you have started your article with; if something makes me angry I say I’m angry. And right now at reading such fabricated lie I feel very angry .I’m an Egyptian woman and I’m a doctor and let me say lots of my friends were at Tahrir square that day, and from the start of the revolution. And thousands of Egyptian women and other foreign reporters and journalists were there from the very start of the revolution till the end and none of them were touched
    And speaking of Tahrir square, photos will tell you that it has turned into a mosque and a church in the same time, where thousands and some days over milions of Egyptians were there praying; both Muslims and Christians. So how come, that this place that began to earn a divine touch all of a sudden turns into a rape party. And excuse me; why from all the women there -Young Egyptian and other nationalities from reporters and journalists- this raping gang will choose only this middle-aged AMERICAN journalist to rape??!!!!
    Also, I’d like to highlight that as Egyptians, we are a religious society either Muslim or Christian, and no one will go for such disgusting thing. And even a non-religious person wouldn’t risk himself with a sexual transmitted disease or even AIDS that he would get by getting himself in contact with such American
    And how come this happened and only reported days after the revolution, why that wasn’t earlier, and how can this story be anyway believable on the eye of all the international media with the strong Egyptian military around
    This is totally rubbish, and I’m not surprised that the American media would go for such lie, as the Egyptian revolution has never been in favor of Americans or Israelis. And to attack it, they make such cheap stories
    Egyptian people lost their lives at this revolution defending their freedom where the US and other medias were supporting the dictator we had, as he was serving their interests and now he’s gone, they are ruining the image of the Egypt and Egyptians .. Egypt, the first civilization in the world for 7000 years .. the first nation who proposed the concept of the country to the world .. you guys need thousands of years to understand that, and I’ve only wished this journalist or the reporters who wrote this to be decent enough to publish the truth not the lies, to publish for instance the photos of the Egyptian people cleaning Tahrir Square after the Mubarak was gone. But whoever published a lie, is incapable of a publishing any truth

  6. This is totally not accepted ! you left the whole protests and all scenes of civilizations that Egyptian people showed in Tahrir Sq. and focused on this story !!! but it doesnt not mean that ALL MEN ( egyptian real men ) ( 200 ) raped you or even touched you…i think this is a very non-logic lie this doesnt make sense at all ! you have to be objective..and and think of us as human beings…for those who commented IMMEDIATELY ! how can you be sure ? can you please post a video for what u r saying? or pictures of people who did that ? ( you can hide the faces )…another better to go directly to egyptian authority and report this accident instead of posting it in a story..that can be published and to make our picture black to distort our dignity and our reputation..this is the JEWISH politics…which WE KNOW !!

    im not goining to comment on ur bad words that show HOW far u are from humanity..and how close u r to PIGS !!

    for those who are going to comment ! or going to believe this lie…THINK deep ! and go to youtube to find what egyptians made in 25 Jan 2011…and dont be idiots to BELIEVE such ” written words ” not more..
    Unfotunately, this is how eurupean and american TVs and canals of Publications make the image of e.thing nice in islamic/arabic world….they SEEDED that in you…and hided what’s true !..dont just READ ! go and WATCH what egypt means ! Egyptians men CLEANED the Tahrir Sq. after their revolution which NEVER happened before in any revolution in the history !

    im not egyptian but i live there…and i’m proud of this’s my HOME !


  7. well, 200 hundred men would definitely KILL that lady not rape her !!!
    and there is no official statement on that even from the CBS !!! the night Mubarak left there was about 2 million people celebrating the event in Tahrir square and there was no incidents of harrasment at all …may be you are referring to the fallen regime men who attacked many journalists ( Arab and foreign ) yet the Egyptian People “men and women” did protest in one day and the next day they were cleaning their streets young and old men and women notice the 6th,7th 8th photos

    • I want to remind readers that I fully support the revolution in Egypt and I fully support the wishes and dreams of the protest movement. However, the problem of the rape and the generally poor treatment of women in Egypt that I have read about is a very serious matter and will cause problems in the pursuit of freedom and democracy. You cannot have freedom or democracy if women are mistreated or if they have fewer rights than men. It is an impossibility. Egypt must make sure that women are exactly equal to men in every way. There can be no exceptions whatsoever.

  8. I read what you wrote and I just can’t believe it !!
    we spent more that 2 weeks in this place and we heard nothing about any improper actions from anyone there .. and believe me if anyone did anything like that,the media would’ve said it out loud to stop anyone from joining protesters in el tahreer Sq.
    those people practically lived with each other ,, Christians surrounded Muslims while they were praying to protect them .. boys surrounded girls to protect them from the police .. they treated them like their sisters .. I was there,, my friends were there and we saw nothing could support that story u r telling
    I mean come on people !! use ur brains !!
    if those men wanna do that ,, why would they do it in the square where almost every single news channel have a camera there !!

    and there’s nothing u can say can convince a sain person that a women ,,in el ta7reer Sq,, in the middle of these celebration would be raped and no one one would do anything to help her ..
    ur story is just unbelievable
    just go and hear what the whole world is saying about us before telling such a story

  9. well, who would actually believe this? I’ve been there in Tahrir square a couple of times and never have I seen people dealing with each other so gently. First of all, Egyptians are NOT pigs, they’re the kindest people you’ll ever meet and ask anyone who’s actually been to Egypt. and the people there in Tahrir square are not criminals, they’re EDUCATED people who want best for their country. Plus, Egyptians are a bit on the religious side and they’d never do such crime. And if you really think about it, who would risk doing such a crime in a square where there were thousands and maybe millions of people? USE YOUR HEADS PEOPLE. The square didnt contain only adults, it had families with their children and it had people of all ages. If something like that happened someone would have caught him and turned him in. No one without an ID was actually allowed into the square, Any person causing trouble was immediately handed to the army. So I wouldn’t believe any of this crap.
    This is the hugest and ugliest LIE I’ve ever read! and by the way, who said Egyptians were ugly? Who ever classified countries by beauty? This only proves that you don’t really have anything to say and that you’re part ignorant. and as Dr/Noha said there were thousands and thousands of girls in the square. Beautiful young women. Why would they only target this American journalist? and if so why didnt she report this to anyone? why did she sneak it online?
    Egyptians are the most CIVILIZED people and they would NEVER do such inhumane crime.


  10. Alessandro ! if you really support the revolution :
    1st ) Dont GENERALIZE ! you are titling the article saying : Egyptian MEN ! this is against the ethics of your job. this will decrease the credibility of the article ( hopefully not the writer as well )
    2nd ) your job requires to STATE or PROVE what u write by official preferences and resources..which you didnt do.
    3rd ) about women in middle east…we know we have some sort of mistreatment !! we are trying to solve ! we take it into consideration. and one we made a great step toward better..we found ( SOME solders ” not all ” as we cant generalize ) of American armies in iraq mistreated women and men as well ! and “pictures” were published !! not just articles !

    i quote : “((((Egypt ))) ,and no one else, must make sure that women are exactly equal to men in every way. There can be no exceptions whatsoever ”

    i say: if u kept writing about arabs like this..this will worsen the issue..and you dont want to be disliked more by arabs. show us some credibility alessandro by videos/pix/or official reports of the accident !


    • Of course Egyptians are not pigs. But men who mistreat women are pigs. Those men should not be tolerated in any revolution for freedom. What we have here is a major U.S. journalist who has experience in war zones, who has been under fire with real bullets, reporting that she was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square by a very large group of violent men. She does report, however, that she was rescued by a group of very good people. The point is that if such a large group of men assaulted her, there is a major problem with those men. This is something that needs to be looked at very carefully by Egypt’s new young leaders as they try to work out freedom and democracy for their country. They cannot allow the men who rape to influence their revolution because those men will try to influence things. They will want to oppress women and they will want to reduce the freedom of Egypt. This seems self-evident to me.

  11. i also believe that they didnt do this. we could see violence in every part of the world, especially religious society but i dont believe they raped her caz if u google it u cant find information from famous news sources! i hope we see a day without violence in any part of the world!

  12. Alessandro,
    I totally agree with you that men who mistreat women are pigs, or less than that. But who have the right to stick such huge accusation to Egyptian men?? You??
    I don’t think so, all the east world not just the middle east have certain traditions about women .. it’s a cultural thing, and not all of them are mistreatment like you were trying to say. And about rights, I’m telling you, I’m a doctor and human righhts’ wise I enjoy having my rights being fulfilled. And I have been a head of a committee responsible for human rights here in Egypt and I know a lot about practicing human rights not just in Egypt but internationally speaking
    And since you have picked the women issue, let’s tackle this issue in a society like the American one for instance
    1-The first crime the modern world ever witnessed about a woman being raped over and over again by her father, was an American crime

    2-The first country to promote for the sex culture world-wide and for woman being used as a sex symbol and object was the US, and see where that led woman now

    3-You can also read rape statistics and you’ll find out, it’s way more common in the America and the western world than any other place in the world, which can easily tell you, where the true rapists are

    4-And if you’re such kind-hearted, you may also like to tackle all the women that were sexually assaulted in due to the new free trade treaty that was supported by the US and the western world. I think J Lo made a movie for that. And I recommend it for you

    5-What about the Serbian rapists who did not just raped but killed thousands of Muslim Bosnian women. They are from the civilized west aren’t they?? Why don’t you post such an article on them since you such give such care about women mistreatment???

    6- And yes, Jack the Ripper wasn’t Egyptian, right??

    And I can list few more examples. So before attacking our revolution by this lame excuse, be honest to yourself and your career and report objectively

    And about the American journalist, I’m 100% sure she is a liar. She waited all the time to report that, so medically-speaking there are no evident signs of true rape, and this waiting also hints about the time the network waited to fabricate the story and broad cast internationally!! ..
    And if she was raped, couldn’t her camera man or fellow journalists save her?? Or at least make a video for this thing. Reports and journalists were in Egypt everywhere 24/7 and everything was broadcasted live. Such un logic lie and it’s an assault to you before it’s an assault to Egyptians

    • Dr/Noha:

      You make some good points. You sound like someone who will have a very good effect on how things work out in Egypt. I hope they listen to you when you stand up for human rights issues. I may disagree with some of your facts in your comment, but that is not so bad. I do not think our journalist is a liar. There would be no motivation for her to lie since she was actually in Egypt to report on the revolution and was arrested and mistreated by Mubarak’s police before she got to the square in Cairo. She reported on that mistreatment before being attacked in the square. She had no motivation to report negatively on Egypt’s revolution. In fact, all the western journalists were completely in favor of the revolution and consistently reported on the bravery of the protesters.

      Usually rape victims do not announce the crimes publicly until after they have been treated and examined by medical experts as this woman was in a European hospital shortly after leaving Egypt the day after the attack. So the delay in reports of this crime are perfectly normal.

      I agree with your point about the Serbian rapists who committed mass rape and murder of Muslim women. Those are some of the worst crimes committed in the twentieth century.

      The western world’s enjoyment of sex symbols does not mean that women have fewer rights than men or that rape is treated lightly. Sex symbols are enjoyed equally by both men and women in western culture.

      It is not productive to deny that a rape or sexual assault occurred when a woman reports such a crime and is in visible distress after being beaten. But I am quite sure that the hospital has physical evidence of the crime and that Egyptian law enforcement will be seeking the perpetrators. When they are arrested I am sure that all the facts will be made public.

      Meanwhile, I wish you the best with your efforts in Egypt and I am very glad you have argued with me. It is a good sign for Egypt that people are willing to argue this way on the web I think.

  13. What might of been a meaningful a bonding moment for the west and middle east… is slowly turning to shit.. over what might of or perhaps might not of even happened… I don’t know if this reporter was raped or not.. but either way.. that doesn’t define a populace… Just those that did the crime….
    Is her rape worse than the hundreds of other women who were raped that day worldwide…??

    If she was raped that’s sick, and those who did the crime should have their skin removed with razors and bathed in gasoline…. If we indeed have evidence… It’s really such a mess…

    At a time when we should be uniting as enslaved citizens of the world and celebrating one step towards a free and open world… here we are talking about some crap and hating on each other…

    No one race is at fault, no one religion is responsible..
    We will either stand united and succeed or will fall to hatred alone and seperated….

    Reading the pure BS hate above, guess we’re already fucked!

    • To “I’m Really Sad”:

      No one is hating one way or the other. Egypt’s protest movement is universally loved in America I think. But when something like this attack happens during what is a great celebration of a first victory, then something is wrong somewhere. Anger about this event should not harm the revolution. But rather a clear look at what happened and some healthy anger toward the kind of people who would do that will only strengthen Egypt’s revolution. Do you see what I mean? All Egyptians and all Americans should be angry that a sexual assault happened against a woman in Tahrir Square. We should be equally enraged and determined to make it so men in Egypt do not think that women are a little bit less than men. That might make Egypt very strong in the long run.

      Any mass attack against a woman is a very bad sign when looked at statistically. The math looks very bad when you see that approximately 200 people took part in the attack. That is the reported number. Perhaps evidence will soon show that it was actually 100. Who knows? But still it is a mass attack that should be very troubling to any rational person in Egypt.

      Is it possible that a woman could be picked by the protest movement to be the new elected leader of Egypt?

  14. i would like to apologize for speaking in general about americans as i was so nervous from that comments but i didnt mean all americans as i really have good friends and i respect alot of people in ur country
    but u have the worse political way in dealing with people and countries i feel that ur responsables speak with 2faces ,call for democracy and same time ur soliders do worse thing in iraq and afghanistan ,killing hundreds ,rape women ,killing children,old people women no difference

    again i apologize because this is my religion this is our life here,this is how we treat with people

    just for ur information:if u heard about bad part that men mistreat with women u have to know that there is other men and they r alot that deal with women here as queens, he has to work for her and do the best to make her feel comfortable so there is good and bad everywhere

    and last thing u have to know that in egypt u can stay in streets till morning and u will feel safe in the time there is places in US u cant walk in it after 8pm

    • To ‘Pure Egyptian Voice,’

      Yes, I agree with you. American actions in the Middle East are unforgivable and very foolish. Our support for brutal dictators is ridiculous and it is disgusting. My government speaks out both sides of its mouth and it lies about its intentions in the Middle East. I think we love only oil and we think nothing else is important.

      I understand what you mean about men who treat women as queens in the Middle East. But even that can be a problem because it can often mean that men are treating women as something different. But in most democracies and free countries the effort must be for men and women to treat each other equally. No one should be treated like a queen and no one should be treated like a slave. That’s what equality means. If a man works for a women at a job, for instance. Let us say that the woman is the man’s boss. Then it would not be wise for that man to treat the woman like a queen. He should treat her like a boss.

      I understand what you mean about staying out all night in Egypt. However, I have read the writings of many women in Egypt over the past few weeks who write very clearly about how they are constantly abused by men and harassed in a sexual manner on Egyptian streets. I didn’t make that up. Egyptian women write about this.

  15. alessandro
    about streets u cant compare these days by the past these days it is not stable in egypt,and still not safe as our police still weak so people protecting themselves for now but i am speaking about the past be4 the demonestration but u can come after few months u will see what i mean

    last thing we r more than 80millions and not all of them r good but not all of them r bad so we dont have to speak in general about our country

    • To ‘Pure Egyptian Voice’:

      Yes. I think my writing in the original post is too angry. I am going to take into consideration what the comments have said and make some changes to my writing. It should show more how much I support the revolution and make it clear that I am really only angry at the people who did the crime. I will probably make some changes in the next day or two.

  16. look my friend i cant say she is liar or say that this happened but if this happen make sure the majority of egyptian is against that totally and it is not famous thing to happen here so it is separate case that we shouldnt say it as amain thing of revolution
    but if that happened we r really sorry for that and really we r not that bad and not all egyptians like that

    and the good thing we r discussing that now we started angry and now i think it is different think about all comments of egyptians which is not angry one u will see the real egyptians

  17. Alessandro,

    Thanks for your nice comments about our efforts here in Egypt, as we really have to work hard to rebuild a new life here in our beloved country, but don’t you think it shall be even way too hard for us to rebuild while there are medias like yours and others are launching attacks about the decency and civility of our very civilized revolution??

    I’d like from you for a moment to put yourself in our place … Imagine Alessandro that while you were checking on your friends; who got shot and who lost a limb during the protests, Imagine yourself has to live in the ER as a doctor while to have to practice dealing with injuries you see them for the first time on your people and you have to hurry up because they want to go back to continue calling for our rights, Imagine yourself standing in Tahrir square for more than 10 days in the middle of the winter, Imagine yourself gonna explode from happiness when you finally heard that you’re free and above all try to Imagine yourself while you are mourning a fellow Egyptian died so young for your freedom .. Try to imagine this Alessandro, try to feel it for only a moment .. and then put yourself in my and our place reading such provoking piece of news about how Egyptian men celebrate defeat of Mubarak by raping American journalist!!
    How would that feel??

    It’s not about the journalist herself, it’s about the insult, and you can easily reread you article and see the cynical mocking tone of it, and then you shall know what I mean

    And about the journalist, allow me to highlight some points in here;

    1-I feel true sympathy for any woman had suffered from any kind of mistreatment what so ever and regardless who she is, after all I’m a woman too and I take it personal when something tackle women’s rights. But this not the case in here. if I felt for the tiniest moment that she told the truth, we – with a capital W- as Egyptians will launch a huge media campaign to look for those who allowed themselves to have such inhumane act and ruined our victory, but I’m sorry I insist there some lie in here if not from her, it’s from here network

    2-What the kind of the rape that takes 200 men, and they attack only one woman, and surprisingly this woman survives!! It’s looks like science fiction to me, and I’m a science person, and I have studied forensic medicine and human psychiatry and I know a lot about rape and it’s victims and how they act, and I can assure you this is not the scenario in here. or let’s go practical, go for a medical student not even a doctor and tell him this weird rape story but don’t mention Egypt or any other country to give him/her the chance to reply objectively, and see how non sense this story makes

    3-You said the journalist, has no interest to do that ,right? I agree with you. She’s not, but her network has. And let me tell you why, the Egyptian revolution started on January 25th, ended February the 12th. And along this time there were more than 10 American statements about the revolution and imagine, they all did mix up, especially in the first days, as the US –defending the interests of Israel- has always found in Mubarak the right person to serves the Israeli interests not caring the very least about the Egyptian people, and they were against Mubarak being out in the first days, and hence they were against the revolution. Then they had new contacts in the new system, so they agreed that he’s out, but things were happening so fast in Egypt, and by all ways they found this revolution is not for their interests until proven otherwise and I have read that myself from some American political voices –especially republicans- so they need to act. And this pare story was ok for the time being, so why not, let’s make Egyptian sounds like rapists and that what you were clearly saying in your article

    Finally, what I know about journalism is that it shall be free and objective, like justice, has closed eyes but has alive conscious. And unfortunately Alessandro, I don’t think you were representing this journalism in here, starting from publishing piece of news that is short of evidence, going through your cynical not objective way of narrating and ending with your hints about making Egyptians look like rapists

    You could have picked thousands of news about this revolution for your website but you only chose to write that!
    This revolution had lots of beautiful portraits about freedom and justice and it’s one of the biggest revolutions in the current and the past century. And you should have given us some credit Alessandro

    • I understand your points. I am going to make some changes and write something new in the next few days. I think I was too angry. I should not have been so general. The Egyptian people have done something wonderful and should not be blamed for the actions of a few. I will post an update soon. Thank you for your detailed arguments.

  18. Qoutations:
    “This is how Egyptian men celebrate the overthrow of a dictator.”

    “If I see pigs celebrating a false victory, I say so. Egypt, you have apparently gone to the pigs.”

    “Two hundred men raping a woman during celebrations in a city square speaks volumes for your civilization or lack thereof.”

    “I will not join my fellow Americans in naively celebrating a pig revolution.”

    Alessandro, The revolution contained millions of people and u call it pig revolution because of 200 (if thats true). a revolution of a nation who has a civlization of about 7000 years old cant be judged by you or anybody else who think – like u – that 200 person brutal action is enough to judge millions of honourable men.

    I, as an egyptian man, request you to apologise on calling our revolution “a pig revolution” and showing me among “egyptian men” as rapiest and lacking civilization.

    Apologise in a similar article with a bold headline, not just a comment who may not be read at all.

  19. That’s comforting to hear Alessandro
    I hope you really mean it, and till this happens, We shall be waiting for your changes and your new article

    • To ‘Dr Noha,’

      Dr. Noha, would you be interested perhaps in writing your own article to post on Candlelight about the revolution in Egypt? You could write what you want. You could be angry with me if you want. You can write about what you have seen and what is going on in Egypt in your own way. Would you like to try that?

      Best regards, Alessandro.

  20. America would you save your opinion for your own affairs
    And go to —- with your help we don’t wante it
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease leave us alone

  21. Alessandro, i wonder how can you be so naive.
    It is obvious that the lady journalist has not been raped by people involved in the revolution, however brutal and disleakeable these men might be. The rape has been politically ordered, by the Mubarak men, just to cast a shadow upon the new regime. It is MANIPULATION.
    Think again before writing. It is obvious you don’t know much.


    • Dan S.,

      I think what you say may be true. It is very possible. I have updated my post to reflect my apology for being too angry at the wrong people. I do not mean to say bad things about the men who made this revolution. It is a great revolution and Americans, including me, are very happy to see this happen in Egypt.

  22. As vice president told that Mubarak is down, all the check points at different entrances of thr square were out of service celebratin’ the good news.

    These points ,the whole previous times, aimed at inspectig the individuals entering there.

    I think this was a main cause for the accident.

    I am sorry for what happened, but really it doesn’t represent us.


  23. While your article was written in anger there is much truth to it…and the angry responses you received were no doubt sent to under the same kind of anger that motivated you to write it.

    The truth is you would not find hundreds of people raping a woman in any civilized society. I am all for democracy and taken down dictatorships…but lets not forget how women in Egypt are being oppressed. If men can still view their women as something that is beneath them then how can they stand there and demand freedom…how can they complain about being oppressed when they themselves are oppressors?

    I believe there are many good men and women in Egypt…but unfortunately they are surrounded by many sub-human degenerates that should be ruled with an iron fist…or locked away for life.

  24. Alessandro,

    I’ve read carefully the modifications the you’ve made on your article, but to tell you the very truth, I felt that you were going to change it soon the number of Egyptian commenters slows down, I’m sorry for saying that, but I believe you’ll understand what our country and -all the middle east if I might say- feel about the way the American journalism is addressing our own issues, so I was quite surprised to see the modification is still on and even more surprised to read your offer for me to write about our revolution, which is really great and I absolutely welcome it, as long as I can write what I’ve witnessed freely ;and objectively off course.

    So, I’ll be very delighted if we can give it a try : )

    • Dr. Noha,

      Yes, if you would like to write about Egypt and the revolution, you can do it in any way you like. I will not interfere with your thoughts as you wish to express them. The only thing I will do is to make any language or grammar suggestions to you before we publish it. This is simply to provide clarity.

      If you would like to write something, feel free to do so and just email it to [email protected]. I will then respond with any suggestions and if you approve of everything we can move forward with posting your article.

  25. To Johnathan Mitchell,

    I’m actually a busy woman, and I could have read this comment and bypassed it as it never was, but I just couldn’t
    And I’ll quote your words (The truth is you would not find hundreds of people raping a woman in any civilized society)… you’re right, not in the civilized world, such things happen only in your world, for instance, bunch of American soldiers raping an Arab woman in Iraq or raping a group of Muslim women in Afghanistan. And it’s not just here in the Middle East or in the Muslim world, it went far beyond that, and the evidential inhuman crimes of rape and torture committed by the American militia in Vietnam speak for themselves.
    See, Americans –by history- are professional rapists. but since the victims are not Americans, so no one gives an eye or a pen for these endless crimes, even those who have witnessed them, they prefer to keep their mouth shut and the pockets full, but when such piece of news like this one, talking –without clear evidence- about raping an American woman, see what happens, people like you jump to conclusions and make big statements about civilizations

    And since you spoke about civilization, then I’d like to remind you about the origin of it. The word civilization comes from the Latin word civis (means Citizen) and the Latin word civitas (means city). So who would know about civilization more than the first citizen in the first city, which is by history, will be in Egypt. So Mr. / Mitchell, you and from wherever you came from, have about 7000 years to really understand the genetic heritage we as Egyptian posses in our blood since forever

    And speaking of Egyptian women, who I’m one of them, who made you a judge on our society? Have you lived in Egypt and made a long-term cultural study with team of professionals to come with this conclusion? Do you know that around 40% or more in this revolution were women, not just in Cairo, but all around the Egyptian governorates??
    This is really absurd, please; give a look at the heavy crimes of your society first, before faking such non sense stories about us

  26. Seeing that am an educated egyptian male, apparently segregated by many like urself as an oppressor of women and a tyrant of the female species why not take a look back at the history of the american nation and lets see its monstrousaties against mankind.
    1. The segregation, killing ,(not to mention the general bad treatment) of the native americans (the indians).Till today it is a shadow cast upon the American nation.
    2. The segregation, killing, inslavement, and raping of the african american,(not to mention the general bad treatment) in your cotton fieldsk, and who is to forget the klu klux klan ( and their activities).
    3. The first and only nuclear bomb ever to be used in Hiroshema..hellooo.
    4. The endless support to israel with its raping, killing, mass excution of the Palestenians.Not to forget the incident that happened to the ships of the doctors without borders when they tried to give medical aid to the palestenians.
    5. The democracy upheld in the prisons of iraq, where the iraqi prisoners were raped, forced to have homosexual sex, heterosexual sex, castrated and and threatened by raging military canines. Not to mention the body count of iraqis that has overexceeded those who died in 9/11 ages ago, and was the reason for your countries current massacres there. Oh yes, you truly honoured those who died in 9 /11 by submitting more bloodshed and hatred to them from the iraqi world.

    To conclude with only a few examples of what America has done over the years, i find it quiet cynical that Americans, are to be the ones talking about women /human rights.
    And as for this reporter who was raped by 200 men, damn she must be superwomen to withstand that brutal act of insanity, and still tell her story from a hospital in Europe. And to my surprise, she didnt lose count after 50.
    One questions, were they all standing in a line one after the other or was it a random thing, because id think it would take more than a day or 2 celebrations for 200 men to rape just one women.
    The egyptian revolution is gold, no matter how many try to tarnish it with their lies ,misconceptions, and sterotyping.

  27. Mr\ mostafa says: your are a liar and you also did much harm to a nation that put the woman,state into consideration but you are able to incite the hostile feelings of the Jews against the Arabs who deserve to be respected by you. It is you who humiliated the woman in your porno videos .it is emotionally illegal to call the roses that blosomed in Egypt,gardens..pigs.instead of paying much tribute to the revolution that shocked you and others to a degree that you find yourself well inclined to make up an awesome story like you so that you can attract all honourable people to a foolish trash as usual . it seems that you came to Egypt and had a terrible dream of being raped by your lords who will dominate the whole world by their minds and ethics.that trash does not need to be commented on .specially those want Egypt dead find it an outlet to speak ill of Egyptians.why……….do you do that?

  28. you are a big liar there are too many tutorial values that amazed the whole
    world . a christian girl helps a mulim to do the wodo’a . girls in tight jeans were there and nothing wrong hapened to them .women and men stood side by side .they protected each other . i think but i can dare say that you are a whore trying to defame our revolution . you are afraid of the egyptians and you can’t hide your fear and the start of your talk is not as convencing as you try hard to be

    • I am no longer interested in apologies for stating the obvious about Egypt. As Egyptian soldiers continue the brutal rapes and torture of both women and men I stand amazed at how foolishly stubborn people are about this very severe problem. Middle Eastern men have a problem with women.

      The Egyptian military is giving ‘virginity tests’ to women who are arrested. Amnesty International is reporting on this very well. ‘Virginity tests’ are another word for rape.

  29. And while women are raped, the men go about setting up a sharia state run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Further evidence of Egyptian folly and disregard for women, children, and dhimmies. Change comes from tolerance and diversity, not from “democracy” alone. And true democracy is a very far reach for Egypt as it stands now.

  30. You are absolutely right about your article and your outrage….they are indeed uncivilized pigs. They did rape that woman with their hands and the rape went on for like forty minutes….pigs is to gentle of a term for what kind of evil humans this people are. This men all deserve the worst punishment….is disgusting beyond words….good for you that you wrote this article …thank-you for having the balls to say the truth

  31. 6 Dr/Noha Says: this person is right…. i am from lebanon and carry an American passport I am nice looking and spoke to every one male and female in Tahrir and I never had any one disrespect me or any woman around me I think the is pure fabracation… why for the hight maybe to get her name in the news maybe some one paid her but do not believe one word she said 200 men and no once cared this is not Egyptian Muslim or Christian men in no way…… all lies and it is so wrong

  32. well with all due respect if the egyptian army is what you say (which isn’t the truth), then by god the american army in iraq should be held as criminals of war after what they did to the prisoners in abo ghareeb, and the disturbing images that were sneaked out of the prisons there.

  33. Don’t forget that Jews are the masters and kings and queens of prostitution, pornography and all such filth. They find sex the perfect means of defaming and ruining a person, a people or a nation. Think of how they have blemished the reputation of the Israeli president…… on grounds of sexual allegations. Egyptians are a civilized and religious people. It is sex and incest that haunts the American a Jewish mentality. I think this tall tale faked up by this person is simply a projection of a social malady inherent in the American society.

  34. to mildred: you havent dealt with the egyptian community nor its people nor its men to catagorize us as pigs, nor have you stood in el tahreer as the people both men and women, muslims ,christians and the other minorities as they stood side by side protecting one another and insuring the safety of not just themselves but others.YOU based your accusation simply on a lie about a reporter who apparently has been rapped by over 200 men (which is a FARSE). If these 200 men had premature ejaculation which i doubt then she would have been rapped over a week….do i really need to say more.

    And on a persona note, for those who constantly keep referring to us as primitives and ugly ad like you to first get the image of aladdin and the mummy out of your head and actly realize we are in egypt (not ancient egypt), and to post pictures of yourselves just to see how “pwetty” you are.

  35. you know what, they don’t really need your support because you know nothing about this event.
    By the way there is no true evidence, and i think that she just wants everybody’s attention.
    and i want u to know that during the EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION there was more than a million YOUNG women sitting in there waiting like the rest of the people so you guys should stop treating Egyptians as if they are like the rest of the arab world, because they are better than you and me!!!
    shme on YOU!!!

  36. Being raped by 200 men would kill her. I would be interested to know how she came up with that number as well.

  37. dear Alessandro, I have read all comments on your article concerning the argument whether you are a liar or not .I would luke to have an evidence seen in your hand , in that time I will be the first to extract your right fro the so-called rapists. that crime is beyond our morals that is derived from Islam but we may find people with a brutal behaviour to those who we call(vandals ) or ruffians …thugs but Whe I read your article , I imagined you in the Tahirir square being harrased or molested by those beasts but it is beyond belief that you hurried to mingle the fact with the history of a nation for which it is known The nation ofnoincest and rape .if that really happens, we all feel sorry for you and if you want any help to prove your right Iam everready to stand beside you if you could give any form of evidence.I eagerly wait that you will have such medical checks but it is not convenient and inappropriate to harp on the Arab woman and how she is not respected by muslims. you are a reporter who must be very careful when speaking ill of Allahs people .by the way .nowadays I read the old testament inEnglish in which I knew well that no people are more devilish than the jews who Allah emcompasses them with love and care but every time they broke the Mosaic recommendations committing what can be beyond your immagination . I mean that in every religion ,you find evil people .Rape is a disgusting conception ,the process of proving it true is a more saddening feeling . in brief,your insistance on being true gives some thrust of supporting you .

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