Podcast Novel: A Princess of Mars (Chapter 22)


A Princess of Mars

This is the first John Carter of Mars novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of the Tarzan books. It was his first novel, published in 1917 and it’s a work of rip-roaring science fiction that has inspired many of the great writers in the genre.

Chapter 22: John Carter, tries to find Dejah Thoris and learns some heartbreaking news.

You can find all the previous chapters of the book here.

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Duration: 00:20:12
Read by Alessandro Cima

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Novel: A Princess of Mars (Chapter 22)

  1. Hi, Alessandro. Greetings! I’ve downloaded/collected the first 22 audio chapters of your “A Princess Of Mars” performance, and I keep waiting expectantly for you to post the final few chapters of this book. I think your audio performance of this Burroughs work is far better than the Burroughs readings at LibriVox or Project Gutenbery, so I certainly hope you are going to finish this book for us! I was a big Edgar Rice Burroughs reader in my early youth (6th grade to 9th grade especially, from age 11 to 14, when I read dozens of his Tarzan and science-fantasy novels). Right now I’m listening to an Overdrive audio-book of Ron Chernow’s “George Washington, A Life,” but I’d also like to get your completed version of ERB’s “A Princess Of Mars” to add to my audio-books line-up. Burroughs is an author that I’m sometimes nostalgic about… even though I discovered through my later readings that my one-time literary hero (ERB) was actually something of a “survival-of-the-fittest” advocate and a strong supporter/proponent of Evolutionism. Tom Swift Junior novels, ERB novels, comic books, and Robert Heinlein all helped me get hooked on a science-fiction reading habit that stuck with me till my late twenties, when I finally cast off that habit… and ceased to be an advocate of the Evolutionism that HG Wells and ERB both espoused. Most kids don’t notice that stuff much, I suspect (although it may hit them subliminally), and I guess most young kids just primarily enjoy the wild adventure/fantasy aspects of ERB’s works. Shalom!

  2. Hello from Montreal, Canada!

    Loved your excellent reading of Warlord, and as Ken said, very much looking forward to the rest!

    Thank you for your awesome work.

    Your fan in Canada,

    Daniel Descheneaux

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