Film: Metropolis Part 1

Having realized in a blinding flash of insight this week that the geek/tech outlook has essentially taken over most of the web world like some sort of a skin cancer and is absolute death to art, I offer an artist’s messy and incoherent view of urban life.  It is very uncool and not technically proficient.  But it is an artist speaking directly, without falsehood intervening.  This piece is by Marvin Tiberious who lives in Italy.

I’m having a huge vomit reaction to these blogs run by little gangs of cool-cats who spread themselves thinly across all domains and offer a smug smirk when photographed.  We’ve turned too much of the web over to the ugly little nerd group that wants everything to be just a tad retro.  If I see something that looks steampunk I’m going to smash it.  Steampunk is the white-supremacist version of cyberpunk which is simply a reference to any book you have read but cannot remember.