Children’s Verse: Brooke and the Ramshackle Ship

By Steve Bynghall

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Brooke and the Ramshackle Ship

Brooke’s Dad was the captain
Of the world’s most hopeless boat
It was ramshackle and rotten
It could hardly stay afloat!

And on this useless vessel
Were the completly useless crew
A set of silly sailors
Who didn’t have a clue!

The engine wasn’t working
The ship radio would fail
The boat just wasn’t good enough
To go out and set sail!

Brooke had a big big think
She thought “It’s up to me!
I’ll help make things better
So we can go to sea!”

All the paint was peeling
Nothing was ship shape!
A hole in the boat’s bottom
Was fixed with sticky tape!

Brooke shook her head and said
“It’s like nobody cares!
Let’s give this boat a paint
And work on the repairs!”

The crew quaked in their cabins
They blubbered and they wailed!
The were scared of ocean serpents
With fangs and slimy scales!

Brooke yelled “What nonense!
Sea monsters don’t exist!
Stop being such silly sailors!
I really must insist!”

The cook always felt seasick
Each time the boat rocked.
He never felt like making food
Even when the boat was docked!

“Ride on a rollercoaster
And keep getting on and on!
Afer that waves will feel tame
Your sickness will be gone!”

The navigator on the boat
Didn’t know where he was going
In fact he didn’t even seem to know
Which way the wind was blowing!

Brooke said “Your bad steering
Could really cause a rumpus!
You need to use binoculars
A map and a compass!”

So with all Brooke’s ideas on board
Things improved so fast
That the boat felt like it was new
It could set sail at last!

And in the middle of the ocean
The now excellent crew
Sang a song as they sailed
“Brooke, it’s all thanks to you!”

The End

Brooke and the Ramshackle Ship” Copyright © 2010 by Steve Bynghall, All Rights Reserved

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