Animation: Dante’s Inferno In Under 2 Minutes

Filmmaker Declan Moran made this under 2-minute version of Dante’s Inferno which is based on a book called Dante’s Inferno: A Comedy’ by the Brothers Grim & Grimy (undead). I like it.  Dante’s actual book is so full of colorful Italian whining that I find it almost unreadable.  I mean really, the nasty old fellow used his trip through the underworld to take out his revenge for every little insult he ever suffered at the hands of almost anyone he ever met.  Insufferable.  Well, suffer no more, the Inferno is here in short form!

4 thoughts on “Animation: Dante’s Inferno In Under 2 Minutes

  1. Adoro l'”Inferno”!
    … inspiro profondo, mi tuffo, ci sguazzo e la mi sollazzo.
    Mi lascio incantare dalla truce atmosfera.
    Mi lascio afferrare dalla rima leggera.
    La mente ci gode, leggo con gusto, mi sembra sempre il libro giusto!

  2. I love your write up! YES! I had a hard slog getting through the Alighieri version. The video is adorable. I looked on their site and it looks like they posted a new one today on Lovecraft!

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