Painter: Andrew Abbott

One of my favorite sites is The Rumpus, an online culture magazine that covers literature, art, film, politics, sex, comics, music and generally excellent and useful ideas.  One of their writers, Julie Greicius, did a piece on a painter I’ve never seen before: Andrew Abbott.  I really liked his paintings as soon as I saw them.  They are harsh and beautiful at the same time.  I have no idea how much they cost or anything like that.  Probably a lot.  They’re really good and I imagine they are hanging in a lot of fancy living rooms right at this moment.

But his web site is plenty of fun for me and this guy can paint like some serious business.

Go visit Andrew Abbott’s paintings.

3 thoughts on “Painter: Andrew Abbott

  1. hi, thanks for the compliments, and they arent too expensive compared to some stuff ive seen, the absolute most expensive ones i have are under a thousand, most of them are a couple hundred bucks, i sold the one above for 200. i have tons, please buy them so i dont have to go on hiding them in the woods.

  2. I own several of Andrew’s paintings and never tire of them. There is always something new to discover when looking at them.

  3. Andrew Abbott is one of my favourite young artists. I would advise anyone to buy his stuff now before he becomes well known and the prices go through the roof.

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