Russian Animation: Shareholders

This is a cartoon criticism of capitalism by Roman Davydov, from Soyuzmultfilm.  It was made in 1963 and captures the early 1960s better than most American cartoons have.  It’s look at the struggle of an American worker fooled into thinking he’s doing well because he’s a stock owner in his company is very accurate and should speak loudly in today’s circumstances.  The widescreen art looks like it comes straight out of an illustrated magazine advertisement of the time.  The finale with all the race cars and crashes is incredible.  There is an irritating tendency to refer to films like this one as ‘propaganda.’  Why is it so difficult to criticize capitalism in democracies?  Capitalism is simply an economic program and should be under constant criticism and assault from all sides.  There is absolutely nothing about capitalism that should protect it from becoming obsolete.

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