Poetry: Azeem

It’s National Poetry Month and here is my favorite poet of the month.   Azeem.  We see a lot of writing about cute poets with education credentials and then someone like this brilliant Azeem fellow comes along and says a few things into a camera and reminds everybody that poets can shoot word bullets. I watch this video and my heart starts pumping and I get fidgety and I want to leave my chair and get to know words as well as this guy knows them.  I noticed Azeem because he is one of the few subscribers to my YouTube film channel and so I checked him out.  I’m extremely impressed.  You want people to be interested in poetry?  Show them this guy and they’ll be interested in about 5 seconds flat.  I think what makes most poets uninteresting to the American reading public is that they all secretly have an image of a bookshelf in mind.  Bookshelves are fine if you are browsing for a book, but they are death for anyone who’s making something.  Azeem is also working with some hugely talented filmmakers who make fantastic imagery and do it with ease.  If he comes to Los Angeles, I want to know about it and go see him play.

Set a Blaze:

Stop. I pocket Arms
Songs are Bullets
This is Passion
The Apostle
Sweat a Page
And Make it Sing
A Sweet Soliloquies

Take 10 Paces
Or get Blasted By the Magic
I Box with The Light Of the Sun
Im Young Cassius

Catch Epilepsy
To your lyrics
Most likely fall
Asleep twice
Before the First Chorus
Falls slightly
Off the Beat
Like a stripper with a limp
Might be
On a stage that Inclines
to the right just slightly

Noddin Like I got a
Heroin Problem
I Rhyme Tightly.

Death Card Mystic
A Mic Viking.

I shoot the Sheriff
But Im Here For
His Wifey
Vampire Years
You Ngs
Couldnt Out Write me

I Bring You Back To Life
Yappin Bout The After Life
How you seen the Light
Stopped Rappin
Now you actin right.

Ill Kill you twice
And Never Have to Fight
Pass The Mic
My rhymes Have
Double Meanings
Like Hermaphrodites


Spit with a purpose
Makin rap critics nervous
So Much Hashish
You Think me and my peoples
Is Turkish

Verbs so Fly
I could chirp 3 verses
I rap like a mummy
Wearing 29 Turbans

They Yap and Blabber
I capture what they
Cant imagine
Im carvin wind and
Fathering a Modern Thought Palace

Foot on a dragon
Will these amateurs
Never learn?
Babylon Has always been brick
It wont burn.

To War and back
And aint no
Prisoners coming

Im a Time Bomb
Fantasizing of
Beautiful Thunder.

Self Destruct.
I Still Wont Fail
I keep a Straw Shack In Heaven
And a Mansion In Hell


Dancin till my eyes light up
Like I was Smokin on some
Tiger Tranquilizer
But I Rise Right Up

On Fire.
My songs cause a riot
For real
My records come with
Yellow Helmets and
Vicodan Pills

I set a Blaze to Jack Danger
Made Music
Got me Drooling lyrics
Heavy as Muthafucin Buicks

We Use the
Tip of the Tounge
The Teeth The Lips..E.T.C.