Yellow Plastic Raygun: Film Images

For Only Your Eyes.  These images are from my upcoming Yellow Plastic Raygun.  Distilling single frame images is almost as much fun as making the film.  What kind of a film does it seem like?

Traffic Flow

Wave Rider

Planetary Intersection

War Drive


Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Back


Gun Sight

Vision Rays

Mourning Sun

3 thoughts on “Yellow Plastic Raygun: Film Images

  1. These images are exquisite! Very nice, indeed. Can’t wait to see the film. Are any of these pictures you?

    • Ha! Good question, Bill! No, none of them are of me. Not yet. I’ve made some shots later in the film that incorporate me, but those may change, or go, or become unrecognizable in the end. Thank you for your comment about the images. I had a lot of fun exporting the single frames last night and just looking at them as photographs. It’s a whole different perspective on what the film is doing.

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