Cartoon Supporting Student Protesters in Iran

Simon Ampel made this animation to support the student protest movement against the barbaric and brutal religious government of Iran. It’s very well done and it drives its message home.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Supporting Student Protesters in Iran

  1. It is very terrible.
    There are not any votes in Iran.
    People cannot protest the religious government of Iran.
    In this video clip, a boy in the classroom draws his teacher’s icon.
    Then he crosses the teacher’s face out.
    Eventually, a boy was hit by teacher.
    It expresses that the government of Iran is very autocratic.

  2. I very argee Betty’s opinion.
    In the ending of this film,the police don’t fight the man.
    The man is his best friend when he was young.
    He helped the man when the teacher fighted the man.
    Finally,the police memorize this matter so he doesn’t fight his best friend.
    I think it is a touching ending.
    It let me know that we have conscience!

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