Obama Wants Our Money for Insurance Companies Just in Time for Christmas

Hey man, I’m a lifelong Democrat and I have always voted for liberal causes and I truly believe that we suffered under 8 years of despotic rule by an unintelligent baboon of a criminal in George Bush.  But I think we got taken and voted for an insurance salesman in 2008.  President Obama has done exactly four major things since taking office: He’s given billions of dollars to his friends on Wall Street.  He’s bought a crappy car manufacturer.  He’s protected torturers in the U.S. military and Bush administration from prosecution.  He’s steadfastly refused to lead the world in emissions controls.

And now he is trying to take our money and give it to his friends in the health insurance industry.

When this man ran for office he sounded like a voice of the people – of the less advantaged.  Apparently, that is easy to fake.  He now wants a health reform bill in which every American citizen is required by law to purchase health insurance from… get this… a private insurance company!  The very companies that kill babies by refusing to cover them!  The very companies that charge huge amounts of money for coverage and then yank it out from under you as soon as you get sick.  Those companies!  This a-hole of a president wants to make us criminals if we don’t give these people our money to purchase their scam health insurance policies.  You’ve got to be joking me!  Right?  He’s serious!  He’s limp-wristedly telling all of us that this health care reform bill is better than no bill at all.  Rubbish.  He’s a jerk and he will not be reelected under any circumstances.  When a Democratic president loses people like me, man I gotta be honest with you, he’s in deep doodoo.  There’s no coming back from that.  I’m offended, disappointed, disgusted, angry… and I’m looking for a new candidate.  Possibly a new political party.  The Democrats equal Joe Lieberman – shifty, fraudulent, elitist, and wholly owned by corporate business interests.

Here’s our jerk in chief talking about how there must be a public option for health insurance just several months ago!

Message to President Obama: Pack your things.