Stupidest Woman in United States Gets Shafted by Fox News

HA HA HA HA HA HA! The stupidest woman in the United States of America has apparently written a ‘book’ about her dimwitted attempts at being a politician. But the very best part of the whole story is that the stupidest television news network in the United States has punked her good by showing a mockery of the cover of her book while trying to promote it! HA HA! I’m still laughing as I write this. It’s hilarious and just so perfect that Christmas has come early this year! Oh yeah! Do it again Fox! Please do it again and again! All the rouge in Macy’s wouldn’t cover up this lady’s idiocy.

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    • You see what happens? You write a post about the country’s stupidest woman and you meet a good writer. Mr. Ectric, you’ve made my night. I’ve only read chapter one of ‘Tamper’ but I’m loving it.

      I like this: ‘Roger said he believed in the paranormal as much as I did, but he always told me, “Whit, I know we are convinced, but we have to construe it for our readers.”’

      Yeah, I really like that one. How can I get some of this stuff on Candlelight? Would you like to do that?

      Meanwhile, I’ll buy myself a copy of your book because I want to read this one.

  1. Amazon lists this book as number 1
    Bestsellers in Books
    (Updated hourly)

    1. (60 days in the top 100)
    Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin
    In terms of regular viewers (Nielsen ratings), Fox News rates as the United States’ number one cable news network, ahead of CNN and MSNBC. …

    • Let’s talk about hate, shall we? There’s no hate in our post about the stupidest woman in the United States. There’s a great deal of disrespect, mockery and insult. But not hate. You know what hate is? Hate is not wanting gay or lesbian people to have the right to marry. Hate is suggesting during your political campaign that candidate Obama supports terrorists. Hate is suggesting that candidate Obama is not American because you haven’t seen his birth certificate. Hate is a political candidate latching onto desperate white American bigotry and trying to use that energy to win the White House.

      When I look into the rigid, clenched, dead smile of Mrs. Palin I see hatred and stupidity. You cannot throw the word ‘hate’ back at the people who used it to describe the campaign of McCain/Palin. That was a campaign of hatred and we correctly labeled it as such. I call Mrs. Palin stupid because she is. Terrifyingly and dangerously stupid. I actually consider her an extremely dangerous political entity, one with the potential to wreak havoc in 2012 by energizing the deeply racist feelings lurking just beneath the surface of the current Republican base. Currently in American politics there is no individual more dangerous to our culture and our future than Sarah Palin.

  2. The Editor couldn’t haven’t said it any better….

    And if you want to see “the real” Sarah Palin, go to Youtube and watch her interviews with Charlie Gibson, and the now famous one with Katie Couric. After watching those fair, and direct interviews, how can anyone with the exception of her parents, and Todd, takes this woman serious??? I know we live at a time when nothing should suprise, but it honestly takes my breath away that anyone takes Sarah Palin seriously…. I have no agenda and don’t personally dislike the woman. But these are the facts folks. It’s like saying that the world is round and not flat, but just a little more obvious.

  3. The people of the left are the most intolerant people in our society. If someone does not agree with their view, they are instantly labeled as stupid. If someone does not subscribe their views they label them as filled with hate. One of the cornerstones this country was founded on is that everyone is entitled to an opinion. Not that every one has to agree with you.
    Unfortunately we have come to the point that if you have a different opinion then what the left is telling us, we must think you are instantly to be hated. We can not have true honest debates about any issues.
    The choices in the last election was one of the worst we have had in many years.
    We were forced to choose between a man that has never done anything in his life except organize a bunch of malcontents on a few occasions and read some very moving (yet void of any content) speeches, and his back up an old white guy that is either senile or has been in Washington so long he realizes that no matter how outrageous his statements are the press will just ignore it because he has made so many in the past.

    Our other choice was another old man that has also been in Washington so long he was not sure what side of the isle he was from any more, with his back up a woman, who’s credentials were a bit lacking, (they were however stronger the the top guy on the other ticket).

    I find it incredibly entertaining how much the left loves to hate Sara Palin. Just reading these incredibly hate filed posts makes me laugh, why is the left so bent out of shape by her. She lost and she was not even on the top of the ticket. I have some ideas why she is hated so much, but I do not have the time or the energy write them down at this moment.
    Stupid would come much closer to describe the editor. When I read the hate filled words of the editor. I see a much larger danger to our culture and our future then some silly politician. I see a person that would judge me not on who I am or what I have done, but on the simple fact that I do not think exactly like he or she does.
    Dangerous…Sara Palin? I doubt it.
    Frighting… The people that hate her? Absolutely intolerance is never a good thing no matter which side it comes from and I see a lot more of it coming from the left these days

    • Sarah Palin is not labeled as stupid because she disagrees with my views. She’s labeled as stupid because she has an exceptionally low IQ and has somehow been allowed to open her mouth in public. People like her spent eight years doing the most damage to this country since the Civil War. There is no hate in the post about her. There is disrespect. Throwing around words like ‘hate’ and ‘intolerance’ won’t get you a salad at a diner, pal. You have to know how to use those words if you want to toss them at me.

      I reserve my hatred for people who ride horses while sending young men and women to get their legs blown off for a lie. You may not realize it, but this country has been seriously ruptured by what happened between 2000 and 2008. It is very likely beyond any hope of repair. The bigots who enjoy Sarah Palin are waiting and they are angry. I am afraid of them. They will be back and things will be much worse.

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