Browser Game: Frankenstein – The Creature Must Die!

FrankensteinAdLgIf you wonder what it might have been like to be Victor Frankenstein working in his laboratory to bring life to the stitched together parts of dead people… wonder no more!  You can be the brilliant doctor as he fights off a mob of angry villagers and tries to harness the power of lightning to animate his dead creature.

Enjoy splattering blood, flying brains, bats carrying explosives, and unlimited firepower in this action-packed horror spectacle.

WARNING: This is a frightening and violent horror game. May not be suitable for young children. Parents must use their judgment.


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Our little game is based upon the wonderful work of totally original horror and philosophy by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus.  It was published in 1818, when Shelley was 19.

If you are going to read one great horror novel, this is it. Here’s a book scan of the novel at the Internet Archive.  Here’s a download text version.

Here’s an excellent blog devoted to Frankenstein.

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