Jean-Luc Godard Film

Film director Jean-Luc Godard is making a film that appears to be called Le Socialisme.  I’m not entirely certain, but it sure looks to me from this trailer for the film like Mr. Godard is shooting with a small video camera.  I can even hear the wind hitting the microphone during shots on board the ship.  He’s always had a keen interest in shooting with small cameras, going so far at one point as to have a tiny 35 mm camera designed for one of his films in the seventies.  I like this kind of filmmaking.  This is how a filmmaker approaches a method that resembles the method of the painter or the writer.  Filmmaking, for all its technical achievements and its massive budgets and enormous popularity, lags far behind painting, photography, writing and music.  A filmmaker, in order to really be an artist, must be capable of functioning with the autonomy of the writer or the painter or the composer.  Until then, the filmmaker is simply interested in socializing, not making art.

Mr. Godard’s films are often difficult, infuriating, perplexing, gorgeous, ugly, profound, ridiculous, and experimental – but they are always, without a single exception, the expressions of an artist who owes nothing to anyone.