Iran Election Fraudulent Because of No Free Press and No Free Women

The protests raging over the recent presidential election in Iran are an expression of distrust of the official election results that seem to declare the current and totally insane president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the overwhelming victor.  Riots are becoming extremely violent, with police beatings in the streets and clouds of black smoke rising above Tehran.  However, the arguments over whether or not the election was fraudulent are a complete waste of energy.  No election in any country that does not have a free press can ever be legitimate.  Without a free press to report on an election and possible election fraud there is no one to hold a sitting government accountable to the people.  You cannot have a democracy or an election in a country that does not allow reporters freedom to write whatever they want.  It’s impossible.  Iran’s election is fraudulent because Iran’s government is controlled entirely by Islamic clerics who have absolutely no respect for freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of religion, freedom of education, or freedom of women.

I define as barbaric any country anywhere on the planet that forces women to wear specific attire.  Iran is a barbaric nation with a population of extremely fearful males lacking in an essential self-confidence.  This is what drives male-dominated Islamic governments to require certain codes of conduct and dress for women.  In countries where elections are legitimate women wear shorts and makeup.  Think I’m just being glib?  Go check it out.

Iran has cut off internet services, cell phone service, and texting services in order to prevent discussion and organization of opponents to the religious government.  It has arrested journalists, shut down newspapers, and confiscated television cameras in a crackdown on activities of the international media in Iran.  These are the actions of a total dictatorship.

In fact, there is almost no hope at all for the protesters in Iran.  Even if they succeed in overturning the election, they would not be able or willing to eliminate religious control of their government.  Countries ruled by Islam are permanently and hopelessly barbaric.  It’s like a law of physics that’s completely unbreakable.

The root of the problem with Iran is the root of the problem for almost every single government in the Middle East: religious control.  There is no possibility of the slightest freedom of expression or freedom for women in any country controlled by a religious entity.  None whatsoever.

Photo from AFP/Getty