Jean-Luc Godard Talks About Critics, Bardot and TV

Jean-Luc Godard is one of the only film directors in the history of cinema to make films as if the camera were a pen.  For some reason, when a writer writes about their own experiences they are called a genius.  When a film director does it they are often called self-indulgent.  Godard has made some of the greatest examples of personal cinema.  His ability to consistently fool producers and studios into believing him and supporting his artistic dreams and whims is a rare talent.  This is a man who is known to have presented film studios and even government censors with entirely fake screenplays that had absolutely nothing to do with the film he was about to make.  This is the true genius of the French New Wave in the 1950s and 60s.  He went farther and deeper into the language of film than any of the other directors famous for New Wave works.

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