Children’s Choice Book Award Winners

Kindergarten to Second Grade Book of the Year, The Pidgeon Wants a Puppy, written and illustrated by Mo Willems:

Third Grade to Fourth Grade Book of the Year, Spooky Cemeteries, by Dinah Williams:

Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade Book of the Year, Thirteen, by Lauren Myracle:

Teen Choice Book of the Year, Breaking Dawn, by Stephanie Meyer:

Author of the Year is Stephanie Meyer, for Breaking Dawn. Illustrator of the Year is Jon J. Muth, for Zen Ties.

One thought on “Children’s Choice Book Award Winners

  1. i love stephanie meyer
    she is the best author to me

    i love the twilight series, i am like obsessed with it that it is not even a joke
    i probably read the series longer than how many years i been n earth and reall thats not many but anyway she does deserve to be the author of the year and them other books i love also

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