German Film Directer Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

He’s a German film director named Werner Herzog and in 1980 he made a bet with another filmmaker that if that other guy actually finished his first feature film Herzog would sit down in front of cameras and eat his own shoe. The friend did finish his movie, and so Mr. Herzog sat down to dine upon his footwear. During the strange event, he talks about how deadly television is and how we must fight its influence. It’s an old refrain, but he puts it in a way that I’ve not heard before. He goes on to talk about how we as a culture have not developed adequate images.  I’m not sure he’s right about this, but he certainly thinks he is and that’s always fun to watch. He is deadly serious about what he’s saying, but of course you must not forget that during it all he is cooking and eating a shoe. I always love to see people who are being funny while being totally serious.